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Katy Perry Is A Redhead Once Again, This Time For L’Officiel

Katy Perry is on the cover of L’Officiel September 2012 issue and she is rocking a new hair color!

Actually, it’s not totally new because Perry has been a ginger before. Back in January, 2011, while she was transitioning to becoming a blonde she rocked the red hair for a little while.

Katy Perry Debuts Ginger Hair

Now, back to her new cover. I like it. She looks so innocent and different from her usually sexy photo shoots and covers. The more natural makeup also suits her.

If you like Katy Perry experimenting with different hair colors, check her out as a platinum blonde for Vogue Italia.

Also, this post: Katy Perry’s Many Hairstyles. Choose your favorite!

How do you like Katy Perry‘s orange hair for the cover of L’Officiel?

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