Katy Perry Talks Delivering Baby, Reveals It Was Her Sister’s

Katy Perry talks baby delivery


Remember how last week we were reporting that Katy Perry helped a friend deliver her baby in the living room? Katy tweeted about the experience and pretty much all blogs picked up the news, but no one knew who the ‘friend’ was. Turns out the new mommy is none other than the singer’s sister!

The ‘Dark Horse‘ singer opened up about the delivery during her appearance on 2DayFM in Australia: “My sister gave birth in her living room and I got to be kind of like an assistant doula, which in a home birth, is kind of just there for support.

I was kind of like [Martin] Scorsese, filming everything, you know, getting in there. She doesn’t want to see that for a like a year though,” she jokingly added.

Perry then revealed that she had a big role in the birth: “I was in it! I mean I was holding… I probably shouldn’t give too many details, but my sister actually is a true rock star. She gave birth in her living room without a single Advil.”

The 29-years-old superstar, who recently split from John Mayer, also opened up about having her own kids and she revealed she’s not ready for that yet.

Since she was being candid, Katy also opened up about kissing Miley Cyrus during one of the Bangerz tour concerts. When the host asked if she thought Miley wanted more, the songstress replied “Yes, yes. I saw that and that’s when I walked away. I was like, that tongue is infamous. I don’t know where it’s been.”


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