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Kanye West In Talks To Become An “American Idol” Judge

OK, these “Idol” rumors are getting juicer as days go by. First, we hear that Nicki Minaj has almost closed the deal, and now rumor has it Kanye West is in talks to join the show as one of the judges.

Kanye West photos!

TMZ reports that ‘Ye is negotiating with “American Idol” producers. Who would have thought Kanye would be interested in becoming a judge on “Idol”!?

According to the report, the “Mercy” rapper is a bit unsure about the gig. On one side, he’s not 100% sure this is the thing for him and on the other side, there’s the paycheck. He’d have to get at least what Mariah is getting, meaning at least $18 million.

Honestly, I don’t see him having the time to do it. With a third fashion collection and a new album in the works, he’s pretty busy already. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if Yeezy joins the judges panel or not.

Meantime, rumor has it that Enrique Iglesias and Brad Paisley are also frontrunners to occupy one of the empty judges seats.

Would like to see Kanye West joining ‘American Idol’?

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