Justin Bieber Private Jet Pilots Wore Oxygen Masks Beause of Pot Smoke

justin bieber plane smoke pot controversy


Here’s a new story that will reassure you that Justin Bieber is an irresponsible, non-caring, self-confessed pot smoker who really doesn’t care if he jeopardizes his life or the life of innocent people that have to hang around him or work for him.

According to a report by Gossip Cop, Bieber and his pose were smoking so much pot on the private jet they flew to New Jersey to the Super Bowl, that the poor pilots were forced to wear oxygen masks to avoid inhaling the smoke. That’s how thick the smoke was on that plane.

A police report obtained by NBC reveals that the marijuana smoke inside the plane was “so thick” that the pilots had to wear the “emergency equipment” in order to fly.

But wait, there’s more. Justin’s dad, Jeremy Bieber, was on the plane too and he and his son were not on their best behavior. The two were allegedly “extremely abusive verbally” to a female flight attendant and their “harassing behavior” forced the poor woman to “refuge” near the cockpit.

When the plane arrived at Teterboro Airport, the jet was searched by the cops and the “Baby” singer admitted he had been smoking and drinking. Since no additional drugs were found, he was not arrested.

News broke moments after it has been revealed that Selena Gomez completed two weeks in rehab allegedly for pot, pills and alcohol abuse. Many tabloids and sources close to Selena blame Bieber for her hard partying.

What do you think of Justin Bieber’s behavior on this occasion?

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