Justin Bieber Is Most Overexposed Celebrity 2014

Justin Bieber, Overexposed Celebrity

Justin Bieber at the 'Believe' Premiere


To no one’s surprise, Justin Bieber has been named Most Overexposed Celebrity 2014 by Forbes.

The Biebs, whose year was filled with Selena Gomez relationship drama, drug allegations, peeing in restaurant mop buckets, stripper photos, and the highlight, an arrest, topped the list developed with E-Score‘s E-Poll Research, which ranked “more than 6,600 bold-faced names based on 46 attributes through public opinion polling.”

Justin scored a 67% rating of overexposed, which helped him score the first place on the list.

The second most overexposed celebrity of the year is Kim Kardashian, with a 61% rating. Not even Kanye‘s desperate attempts to get rid of the paparazzi helped his baby mama stay out of the spotlight. Not that Kim doesn’t love the attention.

Lindsay Lohan holds the third place, with a 59% rating. LiLo always finds a way to stay in the media. Mostly, or always, because of the bad things she does.

Next on the list is Miley Cyrus (57%). I’m surprised Miley didn’t score second place. Her tongue was everywhere over the last months.

Honey Boo Boo rounds the top five, with a 56% rating. Love her, hope the show goes on for years.

Kim isn’t the only overexposed Kardashian. Kris Jenner (55%), Kourtney Kardashian (50%) and Khloe Kardashian (49%) also got plenty of coverage in the media this year.

Snooki and Paris Hilton are still very much relevant too.

Justin Bieber 'Believe' World Premierekardashian sistersLindsay Lohan at 'Scary Movie V' Los Angeles Premiere

Which celebrities have you had enough of this year?

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