John Mayer and Keith Urban to perform together

Country Music Channel has come up with this great initiative of creating a series of concerts to mix country artists and some other form other music genres.

This Friday 18, we’ll have the opportunity to watch a unique combination with lots of potential: rocker John Mayer and Keith Urban.

The controversial rocker said about that “I see them sort of as arranged marriages.” He continued, “I think at some point it would’ve been inevitable that we came together and played guitars together, so the only thing that’s missing is we didn’t just sit together and play guitars and say, ‘Hey, let’s do a ‘Crossroads.’ It was more like people who knew us and knew each other thought that would be something that made sense, and within seconds we both knew that it did.”

The pair of artists got along great and the synergy between them will translate into an amazing show, in which they performed Urban’s hits “Til Summer Comes Around,” “Sweet Thing” and “If Ever I Could Love.” They also sang Mayer’s songs “Perfectly Lonely” and “Gravity” as well as a cover of “Faith” by George Michael.

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