Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato: More than just friends?

They go way back as they met years ago at Club Disney. They share lots of memories, similar careers and people in common. Now is it possible than Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato have become more that just friends?

The couple just recorded a song called “Make a Wave” which will be included on a new project called “Friends for Change: Project Green.”

Actually Jonas and Lovato spent one whole day at Disney Park Resort in Orlando, FL to present this new song. However, it wasn’t all work for the two young stars, as they took some time to have fun and stroll around the installations of resort.

Jonas even shared some images of the day with his fans via Tweeter, where the two stars looked radiant. It seemed that they were having a great time.

Because of their similar backgrounds and careers it’s normal that Jonas and Lovato have been seen together a lot. However the rumor of an emerging romantic relationship between them is more alive than ever.

Last time the two lovebirds have been photographed together was at the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party. The two of them share some quality time with the rest of Jonas brothers and Kevin’s wife Danielle.

Only time will reveal the nature of this relationship. Joe Jonas has dated high profile beauties like Taylor Swift or Camille Belle before. Will Demi be the one?

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