Jessica Simpson slimming plan before the wedding

At the end of the day, artists are like anyone of us, only with much more money! Jessica Simpson, like most part of the brides-to-be, wants to look her best on her wedding day, and part of her beauty countdown includes losing a few pounds and getting toned.

To achieve her goals, Jessica is working out with the hottest trainer in Hollywood, Tracy Anderson. Petite Tracy, a former dancer, is credited to be the responsible for Madonna’s toned figure and also Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez swear by her fitness routine.
Anderson’s 75-minute, 4 times a week workouts are pushing Jessica to the limit.

“Let us all stretch our limits and become who we’re meant to be… do it gently because the force that comes along with that choice will yell at us until we scream back at it. Listen and Scream!! It is ok. Be gentle,” Simpson tweeted a few days weeks ago.

Do you guys think that the 30-year-old artist will achieve her fitness goals by her big day? Have you tried Tracy Anderson’s method?

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