Jessica Simpson Goes Makeupless, Reveals ‘More Than 50 Pounds’ Weight Loss

jessica simpson makeupless photo


Why do celebrities always make the “duck face” when they’re posing for photos? Is it because they think it makes them look sexier/better? Or maybe they are doing it as a way to distract from other stuff.

The latest celeb to share a “duck face” pic is Jessica Simpson who appears to be makeupless for a night out with her baby daddy and future husband Eric Johnson.

“Aquaphor from the diaper bag…And a filter 😉 Date night!” she captioned the photo.

It looks like Jessica was all natural, except maybe for some lip gloss, and her must-have hair extensions, of course. She looks great without makeup on. Really pretty.

In other beauty-related news, Jessica gave an interview to USA Today where she talk about the weight she gained during her first and second pregnancies, and also about how much weight she dropped and how she dropped.

Of course, she’s promoting Weight Watchers, so if you are interested, check out her interview highlights!

On the weight she put on during her first pregnancy: “With Maxwell, I vegged out and laid around. I knew I didn’t have to watch what I was eating for the first time in my life. I kind of let loose, and I gained a lot.”

After signing on with Weight Watchers, Simpson, who says she if 5ft 3, reveals that she lost more than 50 pounds after daughter Maxwell was born.

On the weight gain during her second pregnancy: “what a normal pregnant woman would gain. I did put on a good amount with Ace.” She did not reveal the exact number.

On the “healthier lifestyle” during the second pregnancy: “walks with Eric, my almost-husband. I tried to get 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I didn’t mind gaining weight.”

She doesn’t cook, she has “somebody who comes in and helps out. I do want to make sure I stick with the right recipes, and obviously my schedule is a little jampacked.”

On exercising: “With both kids, I’m running up and down my stairs a million times. Kids can keep your metabolism going. Eric and I go on walks together. I try and walk about 4 miles a day consistently. It makes me feel better.”

She also works out with a trainer: “It’s a lot of resistance training, lots of lunges and squats. There are bursts of cardio throughout the workout as well.”

On how exercise helps her: “Working out and being active overall makes me a happier person to be around. I let out so much more anxiety if I go out and walk and talk to Eric, who is basically my therapist on our walks.”

On how she deals with all the criticism about gaining weight: “I want to be a great mom and a great example to my kids….People are going to talk about this no matter what. I might as well choose to live a healthy lifestyle. It does get old having people harping on how much you weigh or your body after pregnancy. I need to feel comfortable in my own skin. People are going to pick me apart no matter what I do. I’m always going to have critics out there who will make a story out of something.”

Since we don’t have any new pics of her, here’s a set of new Jessica Simpson photos via her Twitter. Enjoy!

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