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Jennifer Lopez Supports The Black Lives Matter Movement

Black Lives Matter Movement

Jennifer Lopez supports the Black Lives Matter Movement and she is also protesting! Here is how she approached the entire scandal!

A few days ago, JLO was spotted with Alex Rodriguez in Los Angeles during the protests for the Black Lives Matter walk. She is all about making big moves, drastic changes, and using her platforms to speak her truth!

Jennifer Lopez, a 50-year old bombshell singer & actress went on a walk along with her friends and family. Her kids even asked her if she needed help making a sign for the protests, which she ended up creating along with them.

The entire internet went crazy when nearly three weeks ago, a police officer killed an African American, George Floyd.

The officer is a 44-year old cop who took away the life of Floyd who was only 46.

Jennifer Lopez talked with her 12-year old twins about the entire incident, and she tried to explain how important equality is. She is constantly fighting for human rights, and she is more than active on her social platforms.

Jennifer Lopez has always had an amazing approach that others would describe as loving and caring. She is an amazing mother and she is one of a few celebrities that doesn’t like to get into scandals.

After the walk and after speaking her truth, other celebrities have also joined JLO, and have been more active on their social media regarding the Black Lives Matter Movement.

social media regarding the Black Lives movement

So, how do you feel about this whole thing? Are you actively protesting as well?

A) I was very touched, moved & mad about the entire thing. I am trying my best to be heard through social media.

B) The entire scandal has made me furious and I, also, have gone on several protests and I plan on going more in the future.

C) This shouldn’t be happening in the 21-st century. However,  I still haven’t made any moves since I am not as associated with the issue, or since my country isn’t affected in any way due to racism.

Let us know where you stand!

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