Jennifer Lopez Hustlers Oscars Drama – Who Was Wrong?


Jennifer Lopez should have won an Oscar for her performance, don’t you agree? Well, here’s why some disliked the Hustlers, and why JLO was furious.

We all watched the Hustlers last year, featuring our two favorite divas Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez, right? The movie made millions and was very talked-about among people, critics, and JLO’s and Cardi’s colleagues. However, the Academy voters gave JLO cold shoulders, here’s why this might have happened.

divas Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez

JLO played Ramona, a stripper who is ”hustling” trying to find her way. People loved the movie, and it seemed like JLO was going to get the Oscar for her acting. However, the award went to Laura Dern, and JLO had a lot of comments.

”Hustlers” didn’t pull off the award-season rebrand. Their box-office did hit more than $100 million domestically, but they didn’t get too much traction for the season.

Is this the reason why they’ve completely ignored JLO?

jennifer lopez Hustlers movie

What are your opinions, and did you also see this movie?

  • A) I saw it and I loved it, JLO should have won the Oscar!
  • B) I did see it, but I believe there were some other amazing movies, which also gained more money.
  • C) I didn’t watch it at all, so I can’t judge it.

Please use the comments box below to give your opinion in.

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