Jay Z and Beyonce avoiding each other?! How far is this couple willing to go to cover their break up?

Not so ‘Crazy in love’ anymore. OMG, as day passes we keep getting more and more info that this couple may really end up in divorce… Why? They were , well the seemed perfect!

But if it all is for Bey to keep her head up high, we are ok with it. No girl deserves second best, not the wifey not the side kick.. or shall we say kick-S’. Well the rumor has it that their divorce will be announced right after the tour ends.


They may be looking pretty cozy, and huggy’ on stage, but insiders say it all changes backstage.. They are just living a lie and pretending in front of the world, for the sake of letting the ‘show continue’.

In private, it is said they’ve spent a lot of time… separated! feeding the fuel more and more as insiders leak info. An insider close to Jay spoke:

” They were staying at different hotels in LA and New York, for several nights. They have avoided each other mutually, Bey is even looking for real state in Chelsea, New York. Looking for a small apartment, and there’s no Jay in this new home”

Even though the super power couple is still showing affection in public, Blue Ivy’s parents whom shared a kiss on stage while in their L.A. show last August 3rd, it is said they will announce the end of all, Tour and Marriage, in September 13th, another insider points us out.

On the other hand, we have a Bey insider who claims the couple is still “Happy” and that they are just having marriage issues, just like any couple does.

But yet again, when rumor has it soooooo strongly, we’re afraid some may be truth! Let’s cross our fingers it’s just a marriage issue that could be solved… ( But being realistic, with so much rumors we are not so sure.. sigh)

We’ll keep you posted on more celebrity news and gossip!

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