Jason DeRulo’s perfect date

Jason DeRulo knows romance so he has all figured it out on how a perfect date would be: “My dream date would be breakfast on the beach, feeding off each other’s energy.”

Romantic, right?

However, ladies don’t get too excited.

When it comes to food, it looks like, despite all the money and fame, DeRulo has not become a sophisticated eater.

The 21-year-old artist has recently revealed that his favorite food is cereal and he would even invite a date to have some with him.

DeRulo said: “I don’t know how to cook at all so I would have to make her some cereal. She might be offended but I’d just say, ‘This is my favorite dish so if you want to be with me, sometimes we’ve got to have cereal for dinner.” He continued:  “It’s my favorite meal, it’s so good. I like all kinds. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams, Lucky Charms.”

OK, so imagine Jason invite you to a romantic cereal-bowl dinner…is it a deal-breaker? You decide!

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