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Is Lady Gaga Telling Madonna Her Reign Is Over?

Apparently Lady Gaga is not happy that Madonna has covered her hit single “Born This Way“. Why not? Well, probably because she, like everyone else, thinks Madge is proving everyone that “Born This Way” is a copy of “Express Yourself“.

The Queen Of Pop starts with “Express Yourself” then sings “Born This Way” chorus and continues with “Give Me All Your Luvin” – watch video here– and a lot of people have said that Gaga is a copycat after watching the cover.

Mother Monster seems to have addressed the issue during her New Zealand concert, when she told the audience:

“It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves to put other
people down or make fun of them or maybe make mockery of their work…And
that doesn’t make me feel good at all. That just makes me feel like I’m
not a good human being…I don’t even want to fight back because it’s more
important to me to keep writing music. Because that’s really all I care
about, is the music. Things are really different than they were 25
years ago, and that’s what makes Born This Way so relevant for me… We’re
socially in a different place and it’s OK, we don’t have to all slice
and hate each other anymore.”

When ‘Born This Way’ first came out, Madonna told press: “I thought, ‘What a wonderful way to redo my song.’ I mean, I recognized the chord changes. When I heard it on the radio, I said ‘that sounds very familiar’. It feels reductive”.

Think Lady Gaga is trying to send the message that Madonna‘s time is up?

Because, honestly, everyone knows Madonna will be relevant a long time from now. She was and will always be the Queen Of Pop.

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