Iggy Azalea speaks BET Awards 2014, Nicki Minaj and fake feud!

We all know how this business work and how much media, and people like me, who reports celebrity news tend to twist some words and perceive things that sometimes are not even there. Such is the case of the Iggy/Nicki  fake feud.

It all began when many started speculating things after Nicki Minaj won the best female rapper and went on with a “Strange” acceptance speech, claiming that she kinda’ threw a shade on co-nominee Iggy Azalea, here we have the speech

Then the rumors couldn’t wait, saying that when she says : ” WHEN NICKI SPITS, NICKI WROTE”, that she was actually referring to Iggy… but to all this media mess this is what Nicki had to say on Twitter:


As to this Iggy also said something, since in the end it all seems MANY of us got it wrong…: This was posted on Instagram, but the following are the latest of her declarations :


And we agree, women should support each other more instead of trying to make each other fall. GIRL POWER IT’S ON B!TCH3Z !!

And for all you in this same business… please.. let’s not try to see things where there’s obviously nothing! We know Nicki and the way she is and her way she expresses herself, which unless she directly says it,  DO NOT PUT WORDS IN HER MOUTH!

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