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Iggy Azalea has a SEX TAPE??? Read all you need to know here!

Iggy Azalea and her mermaid body shone bright in that Red Carpet

Please don’t be the next Kim K, please don’t be the next Kim K… oh sorry, so uhm yeah.. this caught us off guard! But apparently  now there’s a sex tape surfacing mainstream in which it claims the one in the video is miss Iggy Azalea!

Yeah, Fancy booty Azalea.. the CEO for Vivif Entertainment, allegedly says that he’s SEEN a tape that includes the Aussie rapper and her ex and it could be worth a lot more money than Kim’s tape!!

But there’s one tiny problem… Iggy’s reps are saying that it’s NOT her!! They’ve even told Vivid that the girl in the tape is not her and they’re ready to sue in case they don’t get it clear!

OUCH! Anyways, if Iggy is actually the girl on the video and she actually signed for this, she could make millions of dollars out of this leak!! We will wait for time to tell us more regarding this rumor…

We just hope this is not true and that the truth behind this tape is just shock tactics to make more money.. duh!

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