Hugh Laurie: Pure Jazz and piano at Teatro Gran Rex in Argentina

Hugh Laurie at Teatro Gran Rex in Argentina

Simger Hugh Laurie at Teatro Gran Rex in Argentina


British artist Hugh Laurie returned to Buenos Aires with The Copper Bottom Band to present his new album “Did not it rain” on March 15 and 16 at the Gran Rex Theater.

During his four days stay in Buenos Aires, which he described as “a handsome city”, the Bluesman gave many gave radio and TV interviews before his two shows.
Laurie recognizes himself as a bit strange, an Englishman who does not like tea. He prefers a cup of coffee digested in small sips. He welcomed Argentinean people for having an Argentinean Pope, but he declared that he is not a practicing Christian. “My religion is music,” he said.

He talked about various topics: his work with the Argentine director Juan José Campanella, his passion for soccer, the benefits of the Argentinean food and he highlighted the flavor of sausages. “Choripan. Sensational. You can hear your arteries closing like branches of Blockbuster”, he tweeted.

Unlike his first album which he described as “really male”, “Did not it rain” is more romantic. “I want my Live Show to be a good piece of theatre people can engage with”, he said.

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