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Harry and Meghan Markle, HRH, are no more prince and princess.

prince harry and Meghan

The Royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will now be known as Harry, Duke of Sussex and Megan the Duchess of Sussex as they have willingly chosen to back off from their HRH titles and they will be no longer the working members of the ‘Royal Firm.’ Henceforth, Harry will be leaving all his military positions and the couple will now be spending a major part of their lives in North America as per the news source reported.

They have also decided to repay 2.4 million pounds that were spent on the refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage, but as a wish to retain it as their British home, they will be paying an estimated rent of 360,000 Pounds a year commercially. However, Prince Charles has not denied Harry from his share in the private properties of the royal family, just that they will no longer have their share in the public funds and other royal resources related to the State.

On top of all the royal decisions and conclusions, the couple Harry and Meghan have pledged to keep up the values of the Queen, although they will not be performing any official duties of the monarchy.

The Queen wrapped up warm headscarf and dark glasses while driving through the Sandringham estate and announced the news herself in the palace. Above all the tensions and the expected-to-be threatened monarchy, the Queen handled the matter rather well and distinctly and also appreciated Meghan for becoming such one of the family members quickly.

The Queen agreed and admitted on the challenges her grandson Harry and Meghan might be facing and also thanked them both for the work they have done so far for the state in two years. Her address was followed by a wish for a peaceful and happy, independent future life for the couple.

Prince Harry is still in Britain after meeting with the Queen in Sandringham while Meghan remains in Canada for certain purposes.

Concluding all the actions and addresses of the Royal family, however, any security arrangements for the couple has not yet been demonstrated.

According to sources, the security of both the people would still be covered by the taxpayers of Britain. That would go from 1 million pounds to 7 million pounds per year. When the news Agencies right to ask this question, then there was no response from the royal family about this topic. But according to sources, the security will still be given to both the X Royal people.

Even though Queen has given the good wishes to the couple and told that it is a very good decision or independent decision but still there is some confusion which needs to be answered, who will bear the expenses of the security of the Duchess and Duke? And now it has been confirmed that Meghan Markle and Harry’s security will be paid for by Britons – expert explains reason.

Harry, Meghan and

Also, the couple Harry and Meghan will receive 2.3 million pounds per year from Prince Charles. The couple has given up their rights as the HRH titles but still, they will pay the rent for the refurbishment Frogmore Cottage but will get the fund from Prince Harry yearly.

Royal expert Penny Junor has said that it is a very good decision by the Duke and Duchess. The expert says that they have got the blessings of the queen and also have made their decision very firm which means that they have got everything they wanted. She says that it is a very good and loyal decision to leave everything behind including the money to look at starting fresh. She said that it is a very good decision that they are retaining their HRH titles but not using it. The reason is that, may be in the future, there are some circumstances which need them again in the royal family and by this procedure, they will be able to come without any embarrassment. But she says that it is currently ambiguous that they will continue to use the title named Sussex royal on their website

harry and meghan no more prince and princess

Even though she has praised the decision by the couple but she is still saying that the public is very sad. Because the couple is moving away from Britain and also they have been a very good source of fairy dust for the local people. But according to sources, the royal family and the Sussex are very happy because they have concluded and came to a decision.

There is confusion even between the couple in which place in Canada they will stay. The Duke is believed to be preparing the west coast of Vancouver whereas the duchess preferred Toronto. Megan has many of the links and connections in this place because of her shooting for the suits film in this area. This is why she loves this place and she prefers to stay here according to the sources.

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