Hilary Duff is BACK in MUSIC!!! You HAVE to listen to this new jam!.

So many of us have been waiting patiently ( or should I say impatiently??) for this great artist to come back or at least do some lullaby’s for us to sleep on while we dream of her comeback!

But The Gossip Blog has good news for you: Hilary has finally released a new single, a cool, relaxing and bubbly kinda song that will get stuck in your head for days.

She even posted an IG video to thank everyone for rejoining her in this new journey! Here we are Hilary ready for more 🙂

I know you’re waiting for the new hit ” Chasing the Sun” and here it is, I won’t make you wait any more:

She also went on a super cool way of promoting her new single check out maybe you can get to see some of this:

HEY! Surprise airplanes flying over these beaches today!! Take pics and send them to me using #hilaryduff #chasingthesun ☀️

Omg omg omg!! #chasingthesun planes!!!!

We can’t wait for more Duff!! What do you think of this new song? Do you like it? Or you don’t? We want to hear more from you!!
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[Image Sources: PR Photos / Internet / Instagram ]

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