Gorillaz turn 3d

This time the band arrives in a 3D CGI action scene with an special celebrity cameo. In the video “Stylo” The boys from the band: 2D, Murdoc and Noodle in lifelike CGI animation, drive a fast cart. Behind them, and after they got ride of a fat police officer, Bruce Willis start the pursuit as a bad-ass, bounty hunter.

With Gorillaz the music wasn’t always the only important think but also the video, and the animation played a important rol in the band. The musician Damon Albarn create the band with the comic book artists Jamie Hewlett.

“Stylo” features both rapper Mos Def and soul legend Bobby Womack on vocals.

Plastic Beach will open next week, but the complete album is already available in streaming on According to Rolling Stones Magazine: “Plastic Beach is not as pop as the first two Gorillaz albums — there aren’t any go-for-the-throat dance tunes in the style of ‘Dare,’ ‘Feel Good Inc.’ or ‘19-2000.’ But it peaks high.”

After being hit hard the band fells down into the ocean. Their next destination would be probably the Plastic Beach that gives its name to the album.

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