“Gorillaz” announced his new album

The fictional musician provides bass, and is the self-proclaimed leader of the band.

Gorillaz is an English virtual band created in 1998 by Damon Albarn of britpop band “Blur”, and Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of the comic book “Tank Girl”. The band was created, according to the creators, as an answer to the empty substance of MTV. The band only recorded so far two studio albums: “Gorillaz” and “Demon Days”. Five years after the last one, they finally are in the process to finish their new album: “Plastic Beach”.

It is possible to read in Murdoc’s Tiwtter account with his characteristic humor: “Urrp!! Just finished mixing new Gorillaz track with er….‘My ARSE’!. Sounds pretty good…Can’t wait to play it.”.

According to NME interpretation of the twitter messages, Gorillaz may begin to preview some of their new songs ahead of the album’s release: “Anyone know how to work a radio studio?” he asked his followers. “I put the records into the microphone, but can’t get them to go down the cable. Won’t work.”

A couple of days ago, the Twitter channel started to transmit again after several months of silence. It is possible that a lot of the campaign for the new album will be came from this channel.

The album is prepared to be released in March.

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