Glee’s Matthew Morrison to duet with Elton John

Glee fanatics have a new reason to be excited about. Matthew Morrison is preparing his debut album and he is ready to do something huge.

For starters, he’ll include a duet alongside British legend Sir Elton John. Morrison opened up about this amazing experience: “We were in the studio, I’m singing and there’s Elton John next to me. What a trip! He’s just incredible. I just feel lucky and fortunate to be associated with him”.

Morrison, mostly known as his role of Mr. Schuester on FOX’s hit series, is taking his passion for music to a next level and is preparing his solo album to be released on May 2011, and he couldn’t be more proud about it: “It’s a labor of love. I’m at the point where I’m just ready to let go. I put a lot into it and it’s great learning the whole songwriting process and what that’s about. I have such a respect for that, as well as getting to work with some really fantastic songwriters and other singers like Elton.”

Are you guys excited about Morrison’s upcoming album?

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