Glee Surpasses The Beatles And Breaks Another Billboard Record

The Glee phenomenon is something difficult to explain, but the guys make pop culture and music history every week.

The Associated Press have reported that the Glee cast have had more appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 chart than any other non- solo artist, including The Beatles.

On this week’s episode, the show added six more debuts to the chart, making their grand total to 75 songs. That’s four more than the Beatles’ 71.

When it comes to solo artists, the King of Rock, Elvis Presley still remains the master of his domain, having a total of 108 appearances. Billboard Top 100 for a group, Elvis Presley still has the most appearances overall with 108 songs. James Brown is second with 91 and ‘Glee’ will be positioned on the third position, followed by Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin -holding the fourth and fifth spots, respectively. The Beatles hold the sixth spot. Other artists included on the Top 10 are Elton John, Lil Wayne, Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z.

Overall, ‘Glee’s remarkable numbers are: 2.8 million albums sold and 11.5 million downloads.

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