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Gigi Hadid Craves One Thing & One Thing Only – Pasta!

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has a weird obsession with pasta. Look at her kitchen cabinets with our exclusive photos and enjoy the intel!

Are you a fan of pasta? Well, even if you are, you probably don’t eat it as much as pregnant Gigi Hadid does! Even more importantly, you probably don’t have her unique pasta inspired cabinets either!

The supermodel is pregnant and is carrying Zayn’s child (from One Direction) and she is often posting her pregnancy journey on her social media.

Her fans have claimed that they’ve freaked out and have felt a bit nauseous after seeing the number of dried and dyed pasta that Gigi has in her home.

The model is only 25 years old, and she is constantly sharing her experience and her stories with her loyal fans.

Gigi Hadid has also packed her drawers with loose penne and some bow-tie pasta. All of her cabinets are organized per color, which may be a bit OCD to some?

In fact, one of her followers and loyal fans wrote this on Twitter ”Gigi’s pasta kitchen actually makes me feel so nauseous. Why did she feel the need to do that? Someone tell me?”

Another fan wrote: “Wealthy people love taking food out of the packaging and putting it in clear containers.”

Gigi Hadid openly said that she had spent all of her last year designing and curating her dream spot. It took her quite some time, and she ended up finishing her project before the quarantine.

The only person who has helped her with this project and who didn’t call her crazy was her mother. Shocking, right?

Gigi Hadid's cabinets are organized per color

So, how do you feel about this situation? Do you agree with her project?

A) Let her do whatever she likes. I would also love to create something similar (and I am also a huge pasta lover and eater).

B) This is quite crazy. Why spend so much time and money into something so weird that you probably don’t plan on eating? Weird. Would you blame it all on the pregnancy hormones?

Let us know down below!

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