‘Frozen’ Beats ‘Catching Fire’ At Box Office This Weekend

Frozen movie poster


Frozen” was a huge box office hit this weekend managing to beat “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire“.

The animated Disney film, about Anna and Kristoff‘s epic journey in Everest-like weather conditions, took in $31.6 million, securing box office supremacy.

Coming in at the second spot, is “Catching Fire” with $27 million.

Catching Fire movie poster

Although the top two movies scored by money from ticket sales, the rest of the top ten didn’t come even close.

Check out the rest of the films seen by movie-goers this weekend!

#3. “Out of the Furnace“, starring Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson, took in $5.3 million.

#4. “Thor: The Dark World”  ($4.7 million)

#5. “Delivery Man” ($3.8 million)

#6. “Homefront” ($3.4 million),

#7. “The Book Thief” ($2.8 million),

#8. “The Best Man Holiday” ($2.7 million),

#9. “Philomena” ($2.3 million)

#10. “Dallas Buyers Club” ($1.5 million).

I was planning to go and see “Catching Fire” on Sunday, but ended up postponing it til next weekend. After reading great things about “Frozen“, I’m adding it to my must-see movies too. Also, I’d like to see “Out of the Furnace” and “Dallas Buyers Club” sometime soon.

What movie (movies) did you see this weekend?

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