Florence Pugh lashes out at her followers amidst comments on her Partner

Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh has one of the most amiable and Best Instagram profiles out there. Despite the number of followers being at 1.4 Million, she always has been able to communicate and reach out to her followers, helping them and staying in touch with her audience which quite frankly, most celebrities do not do so today.

But, sometimes the fans can easily trigger a reaction from the celebrity by what they write to them and this might just be the case with what has happened with Florence pugh removing her comments option.

To understand clearly, let us take you back to what had exactly happened, Florence Pugh recently posted a picture of her on Instagram with her Partner, Chris Braff, who is 45 years of age and has been quarantining with Pugh. The posted picture was of Chris laying on top of a dog and pugh posted it while wishing him a happy birthday.

The source of the comments being turned off which ultimately led to the post being deleted by the actress is yet still unknown but according to some sources, the reason for it would be the main comments her followers were giving about her partner and the idea of both of them dating. On April 6, the very picture was posted and now, there are rumors being spread about the actress backing off from Instagram for good.

However, the veteran actress is not going down without a fight. In a video posted on Wednesday, Pugh scolded her followers for their comments and captioned the video that Hating is not trendy and made a video of her relationship with her Instagram followers but also putting them in their place and reminding them of their limits. Talk about showing the people their true selves in the mirror.

Conclusively, It is important to know that how sometimes it is just not the celebrities, but the fans themselves who sometimes cross aline which then provokes a reaction from them. At the end of the day, they are human beings as well and have their own personal lives as well. What we see is their side of fame but their personal privacy should always be respected to which that goes for everyone. As far as Florence pugh goes, she put her audience in their place and it will be a long time before anyone tries to mess with her man or her relationship.

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