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Fifty Shades of Grey first official Trailer is OUT!!! HOLD YOUR BREATHS!

The trailer many were waiting for, the video a lot of you have been craving for.. but … would you get down on your knees and beg for it so I deliver?
Ha-ha.. just kidding… this time you won’t have to do anything for me, but maybe Mr. Grey wants you to sit back tight, relax and even if you want to cuff yourself to the computer is ok!

Check out the intense trailer here:


There you have it sweet freaks! Now wait until Valentine’s day next year…. well not exactly, it is supposed to come out on Feb 13th 2015.

Some fans who’ve read the book are completely disappointed of the trailer and the cast and so many things that you get bummed out of when you read a book and expect a movie to be great… Learn kids the movie will never be better than the book, time is money on the big screen.

So stop being so masochist and start having some self control!! So you can wait until next year for this chick flick!

Oh, we almost missed it, for those who still don’t know, we leave you the cast members here:


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