Eminem is Mental Patient, Rihanna Plays Therapist in “The Monster” Video Teaser

Eminem Rihanna The Monster teaser


Although he did not give fans any official release date, Eminem shared the teaser for the highly-anticipated “The Monster” video featuring Rihanna.

In the chilling teaser clip, Eminem plays a mental patient which is being observed by his therapist, Rihanna, as he watches a series of life altering events on a TV.

The rapper relieves some of his darkest moments, including his past struggle with drug addiction.

“Get a preview of the video for #TheMonster ft. @rihanna. Full video coming soon”, he tweeted.

On week ago, RiRi took to Twitter to get fans even more hyped for the upcoming video: “Saw #TheMONSTER Video yesterday! @Eminem U R 1 cool muthaphucka! Congrats on this record man & THANKS to all of you who support us on iTunes”.

Check out “The Monster” teaser video and share your thoughts!

Are you excited to watch “The Monster” video premiere?

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