Eminem agrees to drop homophobic lyrics for UK festival

The hip-hop heavyweight, real name Marshall Mathers III, has frequently come under attack from the gay community for repeatedly using offensive words on tracks like “Criminal” and “Without Me.”
But he has agreed to steer clear of controversy when he takes to the stage at the Wireless Festival in July after he was reassured British activists at OutRage! would not picket the concert — if he agreed to tone down his lyrics.
OutRage! spokesman David Allison says, “We have a condition that he does not use lyrics that encourage or incite hatred against gay people.
“He is free to express his views on gay people, as long as he stays off the violence and hatred. He has got plenty of other lyrics to choose from. In recent years he has become quite well-behaved.
“I think he realizes singing songs advocating hate and violence just won’t wash any more. Society’s moved on in the last 10 years.”
Members of the gay rights organization famously picketed an Eminem show in Britain in 2001 when he refused to change his offensive lyrics.

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