Elvis Presley turns 75

Born in a small town in the southern United States, he grew up with listening a black music that was treated as second class melody, with the memory of a twin brother death and a musical talent fueled by the radio.

But very soon he got from singing songs in his school or to his mother to be a real star, who at first flood all radio stations nationwide and then create real riots at his concerts where teenagers had to be removed unconscious.

Elvis had a voice that had never been seen on stage, a voice of a black man in a white man’s body, some hip movements (Elvis’ Pelvis) that shocked mothers and a mellow and exhilarating music .

He became a money machine and when he turned to movies, fame followed him with blind trust. He had become the symbol of the United States appearing on television programs that at that time they just found their television niche halfway between the information and scandal.

Three years before the the violent ideological confrontations that started withe the Vietnam War  Elvis was used as a symbol again, this time not of freedom or youth, but by the army when he was enlisted. The army showed him to the public more human and humble and they introduced him to his wife Priscilla Beaulieu but also introduced him to amphetamines that eventually would lead him to his death.

Elvis Presley couldn’t be a single person, but rather a succession of characters.  The young singer with a devastating half smile, the movie star, the exhausted material used to make millions without pity, the singer whose reputation was slipping from his hands. But Elvis was still the true King, even when he became that fat singer with sparkling outfits who filled the stages in Las Vegas with middle-aged women and then forget his past and present with dreams of amphetamines.

He had many returns, many awakenings like a phoenix rising from the ashes, but the last years of his life he was nothing but a shadow behind his public persona that had more presence than him. Presidents visited him, he played records and concerts but was always watching everything from a sort of limbo. He had become a caricature of himself.

On August 16, 1977 he was found unconscious in the hotel bathroom and nothing they did could saved him. Evlis died revealing a national mourning, even those who had given him the back in his later years came to say farewell to the king of rock.

But his fame was so great that even his death could not finish him, and the rumors started that this man already a legend had faked his death and had retired from the public world. Although analysis of his body were made and the exhumation of it years later to clarify the reason for his death, nothing could stop his public imagination. So despite that the man is resting, he is still alive. The King is alive and today is turning 75.

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