Elton John’s dramatic revelations

Sir Elton John has opened up about one of the most tragic events that he had to face in his life: one of his former lovers committed suicide as a result of the intense conflict that his Christian faith and his homosexuality caused him. 

“Years back I had a relationship, and I had absolutely no idea in the world he was going to do this … he threw himself under a truck,” John told the Sunday Telegraph.

“There was so much grief. He was so tortured by the conflicting views between his sexuality and his strong religious beliefs that he chose to take his own life,” he revealed. “It is very sad indeed.”

This very dramatic story has inspired the creation of a Broadway play produced by John’s current husband, the filmmaker David Furnish. “Next Fall”-this is how it’s going to be called- it will tell the story of a gay couple, one of them is a Christian born and raised in the South of United States, who believes that homosexuality is a sin, and the other one is an agnostic.

John has spoken about how coming out of the closed literally transformed his life: “I came out…at the height of my career and, yeah, it maybe hurt me a little bit but not that much and it gave me the freedom to be who I was for the rest of my life and I didn’t have to live my life in secret,” the Mirror quoted him as saying.

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