Documentary and remastered album of the Stones in Exile

The British rockers have remastered “Exile on Main Street,” a 1972 double album that boasts such concert favorites as “Tumbling Dice” and “Rocks Off.” It comes out on Tuesday on the United States, and a day earlier everywhere else.

Ther’s also a  documentary of the band called, “Stones in Exile,” that will be released on June 22, the film offers snapshots and voice-overs of current and former band members and friends in the Richards’ French villa.

The period was rich with old material that was easily salvaged and turned into new songs, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards told Reuters in New York this week.

“We forgot about them,” Richards said, laughing about why the band had waited so long to dig up the material. “And answer B is when we did finally get them, we said, ‘We should finish them off,’… without touching the intrinsic sound of the tracks.”

Richards said: “You don’t really have to change a thing in ‘Exile’, it’s already there,” he said. “It’s nice to find a song you have written about 40 years ago and totally forgotten about.”

The album will be available in three configurations: the original 18-track release; an edition with the bonus tracks; and a package that also includes a vinyl version, a 30-minute documentary DVD and a book.

“Stones in Exile” is more than an hour long, using old-black and-white footage and photographs from French music photographer Dominique Tarle, whose visit to the villa one afternoon turned into a 6 month stay.

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