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Did John Mayer Dump Katy Perry Over E-mail?

After John Mayer and Katy Perry‘s alleged romance ended abruptly after only one month, new rumors regarding the way the split happened have emerged.

It’s been revealed that Mayer was the one who ended things, but now there’s info on how he ended the relationship. Via e-mail, Hollywood Life reports.

The website cites a US Weekly source who claims that Katy “was furious and really hurt. She was into him but he wasn’t feeling it.”

I don’t know about this. First of all, neither Perry or John have confirmed the romance. Second, they haven’t confirmed the break-up either. They were photographed together in a car and there were sources telling stories about them making-out like crazy, but no photos of such thing was published. So they could be just friends and working on music together.

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But if they were indeed dating and he broke up with her via e-mail, that’s not nice. He could have at least make a phone call. That assuming they were in different cities or countries and he couldn’t hold it in until they actually met.


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