Daenerys from Game of Thrones, inspiring many young girls!!

Amazing stories are the one we are listening from many girls around the world, such is the one from Lucy Hinsley, who overcame constant bullying while identifying herself with the female heroine from HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Real-life Khaleesi Game Of Thrones

She says that she feels such a strong connection to Daenerys Targaryen that she felt like recreating the female leader’s fashion saying:

“I feel like I am Daenerys now – we are so similar. There’s such a connection between us. I used to be a pushover. But Daenerys has taught me not to take any more nonsense from people. She’s my inspiration.”


The 22 year old young British girl idolizes, so we’re a little bit worried she may be taking it a little too far, since she expressed she loved her character so much she is starting to do anything to look a lot more like her. She now impersonate’s Emilia Clarke‘s character with a lot of unique and gorgeous handmade costumes, also very costly, since the young lady is a well known cos-player.

One thing we must say, Lucy has truly captured Daenerys in her Targaryen ways but also the Dothraki fashion, she’s doing anything to look just like the Mother of Dragons! She was even able to overcome her abusers, she says she looks and feels very different since she started making these changes… EMPOWERING!!

Lucy Hinsley shopping in a Tesco branch in her Daenerys Taygerian costume, a character from Game of Thrones. She says: “I was never the cool kid at school, but now I can dress like superheroes and dragon Queens!” Photo credit: Tolga Akmen (No use without permission)

The similarities once Lucy is in her costumes are so scary… even more scary than !!! SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!!!  Oberyn Martell’s horrible and crushing end!

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