Christine Quinn claims Chrishell Stause has blocked her on social media

Christine Quinn claims Chrishell Stause has blocked her on social media

Recently there has been a dispute between the Selling Sunset stars  Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn. Recently Quinn claimed that Stause had blocked her on all of her social media accounts. Their dues have been the highlight of a Netflix reality show from the very beginning. All of this started when Quinn commented on Chrishell divorce. This created a tension between both the stars and they never got along very well.

A few weeks ago, Quinn said that Chrishell Stause had blocked her on Instagram, but recently she claimed that Stause had blocked her on all social media accounts. During an interview, Quinn got asked if she had blocked her coworker back, to which she responded with no, and said she doesn’t even know how to block someone. She said that she doesn’t deal with this kind of unnecessary drama.

Quinn and Christine

As compared to Christine Quinn, Strauss has been open about it. She has agreed in front of her fans about blocking Quinn. Whenever she would post a picture of the cast of ‘selling sunset,’ she would tag everyone except for Quinn. This raised questions in her fan’s mind that they started asking her about what is going on between the two of them. To which she admitted that they both are not on good terms, and she has blocked Quinn on her Instagram.

Quinn said that Chrishell Stause had blocked her

During an interview with BBC Radio podcast, Chrishell Stause openly said that she had blocked Quinn from Instagram. She further added that I know some people think that it is very childish of me, but it isn’t. She claimed that Christine Quinn knows why she is blocked and that there is a valid reason behind it.

Their grudges have created a lot of drama in the industry. When Christine said something about Stause divorce, the actress responded by saying that Christine doesn’t know anything about her personal life at all. Chrishell Stause further added that she is giving press conferences about my divorce only to get attraction and publicity from the media. She doesn’t have any clue about me, my ex-husband, and my divorce, so there’s no point in believing her as I know that anything coming out of her mouth is either a lie or a made-up drama.

Chrishell Stause showed her disappointment by saying that it is regrettable that such a mature actress like Quinn would use someone’s personal life issue just to gain some attention from the press. She said that her divorce was a harrowing experience for her, so she doesn’t like mentioning it in front of the public then how Quinn got the audacity to do so when in reality, she does not know what I’ve been through in the past. Even after such interviews and podcasts, the air between them is not cleared. Both of them are often seen calling each other out on their social media accounts. This is why the general public is claiming that this drama between Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn is not going to end anytime soon.

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