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Christina Aguilera’s post baby body! Check out how the singer is getting back in shape!



This is how Aguilera is looking only after two weeks of giving birth to her baby girl, Summer Rain. The singer was seen at a back-to-school picnic where she and her ex love Jordan Bratman and son Max enjoyed a nice moment!

The question is how is Christina putting up with the baby weight sooooo fast? E News reports say:

“Christina was very healthy throughout her pregnancy and is continuing it now after the baby,”She is very dedicated to yoga. So much that she has never stopped practicing it. She did yoga the entire time she was pregnant. And Christina has already been working hard on getting her bod back in shape! She is doing private yoga sessions and loves how it makes her feel.”

She loves it so much since she says it makes her feel, look and glow peace inside out! She says its soothing and she’s definitely in love with Yoga! She’s also breast feeding Summer, eating clean and watching her amounts.

An insider reveals “Everything is about moderation. She will have cheat meals occasionally too. Running after Max also is helping her burn some extra calories. There’s never a quiet moment, Max is very active!”

We also get reports that say that Max is being an awesome big bro’ and he loves taking care of his new baby sister! Keep up the good work Chris!

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[Image Sources: PR Photos / Internet / E!News ]

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