Chrisitna Aguilera surprises everyone with her UNCOMMON Baby shower cake! Prepare yourselF

Well well well… looks like Christina Aguilera found a way, and what a way, to celebrate her Genie in a belly‘ in a different but funny way, to some of us even a bit shocking!!

The former The Voice judge had a super cute Baby Shower for her new baby to be,  in which she seems to have pretty much enjoyed a lot!!!

But it all points that that belly nor the singer where the spotlight in this baby shower but her most epic and  graphic cake EVER seen!



Her friends gave X-tina  this super delicious recreation of what will happen within a few days, a cake size look alike blonde mother giving birth!!! There’s also words of encouragement for the mommy to be !

Some fans were so amazed with it they made the picture fly all over the internet ASAP, and we’re happy it did so you can see this amazing CAKE!!!

We’re in awe and surprise, and some even look away for the level of “realism” of this cake… But putting asides the cake we’re happy to see how cute the couple looks, Christina and Matt Rutler! They seem to be sooo happy for this new baby!

Congrats to both of you guys! May this be a good birth and a happy welcome for the new member of the family!

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[ image Sources: Twitter]

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