Chris Brown kicked out of rehab – straight to jail!

Chris Brown to jail again

Chris Brown Court Hearing - Los Angeles, CA


Christopher Maurice “Chris” Brown is going to prison because he violated the judge’s order and was kicked out of rehab where he has been for 4 months. The judge in the case of domestic violence Rihanna underwent ordered Chris to live in Malibu rehab center for 90 days to receive anger management therapy, and completed his stay this month.

It turns out that at the last hearing, the judge changed some things and ordered the rapper to stay in the center while his assault case proceeds in Washington DC. The deal was if Chris left rehab he would go straight behind bars.

Some sources told TMZ that he got kicked out of the anger management facility for violating “internal rules.”  The reasons behind his early exit are unknown, but reportedly did not involve violence or drugs.

The rapper is now in jail without bail.

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