Cheryl Cole is suffering from malaria

After she returned from the vacation, then she discovered that she used to feel tired all the time and was also not feeling well. Then slowly she started showing other signs of malaria as well such as shaking and sweating a lot too. At first her friends thought that she was simply suffering from extreme exhausted.

However they had to change their opinion when the singer collapsed on Saturday, at a photo shoot. She was taken to a hospital for medical aid and there it was discovered that she was suffering not from exhaustion, but rather from malaria. She is currently in the hospital and is receiving treatment for malaria.

However reports suggest that she could be released from the hospital soon and would then be asked to recuperate at home. Doctors have also asked her to rest, and so she is going to postpone all her professional commitments for the time being. Her representative said that, “Following doctors’ advice, Cheryl Cole will be cancelling all work commitments for the next week.

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