Cheryl Cole criticized for miming live performance

The singer acts as sitting judge on the show and is on the search of fresh talent from ‘X Factor’. It was in one of the recent episodes of the reality show, where the singer was supposed to sing to a live audience, that Cheryl Cole has been accused of miming her performance. Though she was reluctant about owning up to the act initially, Cheryl Cole has admitted that she is guilty of a lip sync during the performance.

The ‘X Factor’ stage was used by Cheryl Cole to promote songs from her latest music album. It is the English singer’s first single album since she came back after recovering from malaria. Cheryl Cole had been detected and hospitalized with malaria three months back.

Cheryl Cole now faces the wrath of not only the critics but also her fans and viewers of reality show ‘X Factor’. It has been reported that as soon as word leaked about Cheryl Cole’s mimed performance, the viewers took to the internet and voted in favor of the critics! In a statement released to the media, ITV says that the reason behind their allowing Cheryl Cole to carry on with her lip sync act was that the 27-year-old singer was ill and so could not have performed and judged at the same time.

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