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Cheryl Cole Clears The Air: She Didn’t Write The Lyrics On Her Album

Cheryl Cole, whose new single “Call My Name” is a chart topper, was interviewed by Pop Justice about her new album ‘A Million Lights‘ and she offered an interesting and honest interview.

‘Call My Name’ lyrics- read them here!

Like making it clear she did not write the lyrics of the songs on the album. So now everyone can stop gossiping about how “Screw You” lyrics are about her ex Ashley Cole.

Cheryl Cole ‘Screw You’ lyrics!

Here are the highlights of Cheryl’s interview:

PJ: Regarding the lyrics on the album, the point you seem to have
made in interviews elsewhere is something along the lines of: “Don’t
question me about the lyrics on the album relating to my personal life,
because I didn’t write them so they can’t.”

C: Yes.

PJ: Which is an amazing response, really.
C: It’s the truth!

PJ: Most popstars spend half their careers trying to pretend they do write their lyrics when they don’t. And you’re just going: “Nothing to do with me! Not my fault!”
C: Yes.

PJ: Loads of amazing songs haven’t
been written by the people who made them famous, but in terms of a ‘pop
moment’ a lot of them still fit in with where the singer is in life and
what they’re going through…

C: Oh you’ve got to connect to a song, yes. You can’t sing a song you feel nothing for.

PJ: Who has the final say?
C: Me. It’s my record, it’s up to me.

For full interview, visit PopJustice.com.

What do you think about Cheryl‘s honesty regarding her lyrics?

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