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How To Wear A Two-Piece Set Like A Celebrity

What exactly is a two-piece set? It’s a simple concept, gaining popularity in celebrities and common folk alike. The set comes as a matching top and bottom and can be any style- a crop top, a tee, a skirt, pants, etc. There’s no wrong way to combine a two-piece set as long as you get the first part right—it has to match!

Its rising popularity is being seen on runways and celebrities in their casual, everyday wardrobe. Let’s check out some examples of celebrities rocking the fad.

Celebrity wearing two pieces set

Taylor Swift two piece set
Taylor Swift two piece set(Photo courtesy of InStyle)

The queen of style has been on a roll lately, from her killer new album to her general inability to do anything wrong in the world of fashion. Have you seen her new music video yet? Flawless outfits in every scene.

In this picture, she’s rocking her very own two piece set, a fad she’s been fond of over the last few months. The floral design paired with stylish heels was perfect for her summer in New York City.

Rihanna two piece set
Rihanna two piece set(Photo courtesy of VibeVixen)

Rihanna gives off the perfect ‘I don’t care’ vibe in this picture. Isn’t that what we all strive for—having an amazing sense of fashion, but seeming like we put absolutely no effort into the look? It’s like spending twenty minutes to get the perfect ‘I woke up like this’ hairdo.

Just like in Taylor’s picture, Rihanna paired her two-piece set with a sleek pair of heels for an effortlessly beautiful posh take on the style.

Selena Gomez two piece set
Selena Gomez two piece set(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)

Selena Gomez sort of looks like a perfect Disney princess in her two-piece set, even though this High School Musical princess is long gone from her days of kid films.

She’s wearing pants instead of a skirt in her two-piece set, but it looks just as perfect as the ladies in their skirts. With those colors, she’s sort of like a modern princess Jasmine, don’t you think?

Her two-piece choice is a good alternative to leggings or sweatpants when you want to relax but don’t want to dress down too much.

Mindy Kaling two piece setMindy Kaling two piece set(Photo Courtesy of PopSugar)

Despite the odd design, Mindy shows us that any figure can wear a two-piece set.

Ladies who are a little self-conscious about their weight don’t have to be nervous to show off a bit of skin. Take it from Mindy—this gorgeous fad looks just as good on any kind of body type.

Her outfit accentuates her gorgeous womanly curves in this picture. She pairs her set with heels and a well-done manicure to top off the look. Talk about a well put together outfit!

So, how do you feel celebrity wearing two pieces set? Will you wear two piece set? Please share you thought in the comment section or in the social accounts below.

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