NYC patient being tested for coronavirus is a visitor from China.

NYC patient being tested for coronavirus is a visitor from China

Talking about the latest news, the latest passenger from China came to New York and has been tested in New York for coronavirus, and he is the eight-person who has been diagnosed in America and Canada. According to news around 304 people have died till now.

The news is confirmed from reliable sources that he is in a good and stable condition and the government of America is putting everyone in the quarantine zone. There is no confirmed detail about the person who he is but according to information he is around 40 years old and he was on holiday in New York and he has no family members in this city.  

Bellevue Hospital in New York City where suspect of Coronavirus is under treatment
The patient is being treated at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.

According to the mayor of New York, the person has been checked and he has some of the similar symptoms like pneumonia which is exactly like the symptoms of coronavirus but nothing Extreme. According to the year, if he will be tested positive for coronavirus, then every New York citizen will be told right away. 

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed Patient is suffering from symptoms of Coronavirus.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed Patient is suffering from symptoms of Coronavirus.

He said that everybody in New York should do exactly what they were doing in the past without any scare. Governor of New York has confirmed, eight people have been diagnosed in America and the latest case from New York shows that it is spreading around, but we are prepared for it according to the Governor. 

According to the mayor of New York, one Boston college student has been diagnosed positive and he has been put in the quarantine. According to the mayor, the student has not met any of his family members so there is a guarantee that the virus has not spread around.

Boston public health commissioner said that we are doing our best to not only protect the people but also to make this patient recover. The very next day, when he landed in Boston, he has been in isolation. 

health officials from NYC talking about Coronavirus in New York City
The health officials said at the press conference that it will take at least 36 to 48 hours to determine whether the patient tests positive to coronavirus.

Two cases also have been reported in New York, where it is the first time when the disease has spread from one person to the other in the US. 

This is the reason Trump’s government has declared that no foreign national will be coming to America if he is coming from China. According to the Trump government, they are making every decision in hand to protect the people of America. 

TSA has installed a law in which all the passengers who are coming to US should be asked that they have traveled in mainland China in the last 14 days. All the airlines in the US are following this protocol. If they have traveled to mainland China, then they should re-book their ticket and go from other big airports like the John f Kennedy and Illinois airports and even Honolulu.

DHS in America has confirmed, they also have medical treatment and tests in the local and international authorities to see that if any employee has been infected because of the Coronavirus. The representative confirmed that, all the passengers coming are getting the screening, if they are infected, then they will be put in the quarantine zone and if there is no positive result, then they will be sent back to their home. 

U.S. & Canada test for cases of Coronavirus.

According to Pentagon, there has been a request in which they asked that please give us the accommodation for at least 300 people till 29th February. The Defense Department will be responsible for the housing, but health services will be providing transportation. For military location has also been selected in this matter if there is any need. According to the experts, the worst has not started yet.

China is facing very big isolation from the rest of the world because of the Coronavirus and because of this virus has spread around two dozen countries, every country is stopping the flights from and to China and Russia has also closed down the border with China. Because of this, China has also increased its quarantine measures especially when America has decided that it will stop all the individuals who have traveled to China in the last 14 days.

This epidemic has made a different country and halt the flights and because of that, there is a slow down of the economy. 

14550 cases worldwide of coronavirus

The world health organization said one week ago that the public health emergency international and because of that, the traveler restriction is not needed. But Singapore and the United States have said that they will ban foreign national people who are coming from China even though the world health organization is saying something else. 

Australia is also a country that is saying that they will deny entry of the foreign nationals working from China. Flights from New Zealand and we have canceled flights to mainland China. 

All the three major flights from the USA will be canceled from Friday due to the threat of coronavirus.

Chicago woman becomes SECOND confirmed case of coronavirus


A woman in her 60s has got the Coronavirus to affect who traveled to China, where the virus originated in late December. According to news, she reached Chicago on 13 January from China and when she was tested, she was affected but she was stable.

The city of Wuhan is on lock down and no one can come in or who can go out.

According to the officials in America, around 63 people have been tested in 22 states in America, 43 people have been in contact with the First confirmed U.S. Patient.


The president of America, President Trump has praised the effort of China to contain the coronavirus. According to the CEO of Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations in Davos, Switzerland, Dr. Richard Hatchett in 20 years of Working on epidemic Preparedness, I have not been more concerned about this virus as I am now.

According to him, 897 people who are infected maybe don’t know they are infected, and they will spread the virus around. The people who have the little flu in the flu season will take it lightly, and they will move around and this will spread the virus very easy and very quick, reported the Detroit Free Press.

Two University students are also monitored who are from Texas and Tennessee University. According to local officials, the student from taxes have the symptoms which are related to Coronavirus and that is why he has been kept in isolation according to information.

According to the doctor, the patient recently traveled to China in the last 14 days and had upper respiratory problems which are improving by the day. The student from Tennessee has also traveled to China and according to local officials, they are testing him or her.

Because the square around Los Angeles Airport was also on lock down when it was reported that one passenger got ill when he reached the airport, and according to information, he was coming from Mexico City but there is no confirmation that he came from Mexico City or any other City.

The US has announced that they will remove all the diplomat from Wuhan consulate and has announced the most extreme travel advisory which was in the past only for North Korea and Iran.


The very first patient of the USA has been in Washington state and even though he traveled to China, there was no symptom on him even when he came back to America. But after reading the information on the Internet, the patient thought and consulted with his doctor. According to the local officials the person was diagnosed on January 20 with the virus and he is quarantine

Authorities are making sure that there is no panic around, and they are saying everything is in control. Only some have treated the patient of the doctors and officials, and robots are working on him while the doctors are communicating with him

Dr. Diaz who is treating the patient, has said to see that there is no confirmation when the patient will be discharged, but we will communicate whenever we get the update information. They are looking for ongoing Presence of the virus and will update when the patient is no more contagious.

According to information, the virus has spread from snakes to humans but there have been some cases where the virus has spread from humans to humans even in the doctors who were treating the Neurosurgery patient has all been affected. Even the person has been affected. The patient for the Coronavirus has been seen in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia America, Columbia, the Philippines, and many other countries

The Coronavirus is Very dangerous because it doesn’t show you the symptoms very early. Also, there is no vaccine to treat this problem and that is why the problem and the virus have been spreading around. The creation of the vaccine is it a preliminary condition.

The US department says that it has issued the travel advisory to the people that do not travel to this place because of the coronavirus. China has suspended the air and rail travel around Wuhan, and that is to contain the coronavirus inside.

Public Health screens are installed in Chicago Airport, New York airport, Los Angeles Airport and many other airports in America

The mayor of New York has said that they are predicting at least one patient from York will be affected by the coronavirus, and they are taking it very seriously.

He was saying that there is no confirmation that there is someone in the city who will be infected, but because of the virus spread around, we can assume that the news is coming soon.

The mayor has said that all the hospitals in the city have been trained according to the virus, and all the officials are on high alert if there is any signal of the virus.

Celebrities reactions to Gay Marriage USA Legalization #lovewins

A wonderful joyful day for thousands of couples across USA!

It is hard to believe that you may have not come across the millions of online posts about it, but just yestrday Friday June 26th 2015, Supreme Court of USA ruled in a 5/4 decision for same sex marriage to be legal nationwide, and so it was.

Not only a huuuuge day for LGBT community in the United States but across the world, a huge step into equality for everyone – First step sexual equality for all, next steps… who knows, but the  path has already been set for what it seems to be a brilliant future.

So once the big news were popped your favorite A List celebrities were ready to talk about gay marriage legalization across the US! Here are some bits of the most famous who pronouced words about this epic historic moment:

Game Of Thrones New Cast Members for Season 5!! Check them out here! I’m in love!

They picked the Comic Con to reveal the new cast members of season 5 and we, we’re excited!!

Game of Thrones keeps bringing the best of the best to us, and this time it even includes Sand Snakes… ( No spoilers included, Mmkay? mmkay) Check it out yourself!


I CAN’T WAIT to see Trystane Martell or Tyene Sand in action… Sweet Lawd Jesus! The cast keeps getting cooler and hotter!!
I need it to be next season already, we’re dying here!!

We’ll leave you the full list and names, in case you may wanna start stalking, hehe:

Doran Martell – Alexander Siddig

Areo Hotah – Deobia Oparei

High Sparrow – Jonathan Price

Myrcella Baratheon – Nell Tiger Free

Trystane Martell – Toby Sebastian

Nymeria Sand – Jessica Henwick

Tyene Sand – Rosabell Laurenti Sellers

Obara Sand – Keisha Castle Hughes

Yezzan – Enzo Cilenti

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Fifty Shades of Grey first official Trailer is OUT!!! HOLD YOUR BREATHS!

The trailer many were waiting for, the video a lot of you have been craving for.. but … would you get down on your knees and beg for it so I deliver?
Ha-ha.. just kidding… this time you won’t have to do anything for me, but maybe Mr. Grey wants you to sit back tight, relax and even if you want to cuff yourself to the computer is ok!

Check out the intense trailer here:


There you have it sweet freaks! Now wait until Valentine’s day next year…. well not exactly, it is supposed to come out on Feb 13th 2015.

Some fans who’ve read the book are completely disappointed of the trailer and the cast and so many things that you get bummed out of when you read a book and expect a movie to be great… Learn kids the movie will never be better than the book, time is money on the big screen.

So stop being so masochist and start having some self control!! So you can wait until next year for this chick flick!

Oh, we almost missed it, for those who still don’t know, we leave you the cast members here:


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You haven’t seen the last of Veronica Mars, Check out what Kriten Bell has to say!

"Veronica Mars" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

We love Kristen Bell’s dedication to her character in Veronica Mars and how much she loves her fans! The lovely actress has just finished the Kickstarter movie, a remake of the popular series, which created certain expectation on Veronica fans.

Kristen recently said to an interviewer :

” I would be down for anything, I’m that kind of girl. You can quote me on that”

And just like Veronica Mars movie, Bell fans expect to raise enough money to make more of Veronica and ease our cravings with a web series or even on Netflix, anything would be good and valid!

But Kristen continued:

“I would like to know what the fans want, because especially after the Kickstarter campaign, they are such an integral part of this project. They’re the element we couldn’t do without.”

It is so cool to know that Kristen is so into this gig that she’d do anything to keep her fans happy! And we must say that she’s expecting her second baby with her husband, Dax Sheppard, as well as expecting to see her Frozen character come to life on the ABC series, Once Upon A Time!

Just like Veronica, Kristen is ready for anything and waiting for more!

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Lea Michele flew to Becca Tobin, as soon as she heard about the Glee actress loss!!

If someone can really understand what Becca is going through that is Lea Michele.  The Glee actress ran for Becca Tobin‘s rescue, her boyfriend Matt Bendik, was found dead in a hotel suite in Philadelphia a year after Cory Monteith.


The actres and singer was spotted soothing her bff’s pain in at Becca’s home in LA last Saturday afternoon. The sad death of Tobin’s boyfriend is still under investigation since the autopsy came out inconclusive . It is all terrible news by far…

We’re glad to see how Becca’s friends are starting to help her through this terrible moment, and healing is sometimes a long painful process made easier when friends are there with a shoulder to hold on ,we will keep you posted on this developing story.

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The Magic of Game of Thrones, check out how the scenarios are done! You can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t!

If you are like me and loooooove Game of Thrones, you would sometimes wonder how this master piece of a novel can make it as well as a master piece as a film?

Well let’s all take time to bow down to the company that makes all the wonders of Westeros come alive, Mackevision. They are the ones that every week make us travel to this medieval world, and now you can see in this awesome video how they created season IV ‘s scenarios.

Check the mind blowing video here…


Yes you can lift your jaw now, and yes you can stop saying WOW!!! He he… mind blowing isn’t it. Mackevision might be true artist of animation, we hope to see more and more for as long as there is Game of Thrones because just like it’s cast members ( or the ones we have left *sniff sniff) are doing an awesome job, we just pray for mercy from the writer because he’s killing us all.. literally! 

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The Emmy Nominations are here!!! We got them all for you!

It’s about time again! When we recognize, the best, the funniest and the most dramatic people on earth TV! Together they make us cry, laugh, jump out of our seats, and even want to get INTO the screen and kick some a$$. Unexpected plot twists ( Talk about GoT), awesome stories, sad endings… all for the love of entertainment and the Emmys are here to applaud all those feelings and emotions created!

So without further a due these are the nominees, may the forces be with you so your favorite ones win!
Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
Orange Is The New Black
Silicon Valley
Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
Mad Men
House Of Cards
True Detective
Jon Hamm
Bryan Cranston
Matthew McConaughey
Woody Harrelson
Kevin Spacey

Lizzie Caplan
Claire Danes
Michelle Dockery
Julianna Margulies
Kerry Washinton
Robin Wright

Benedict Cumberbatch
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Martin Freeman
Mark Ruffalo
Billy Bob Thornton

Minnie Driver
Jessica Lange
Sarah Paulson
Cicely Tyson
Helena Bonham Carter
Kristen Wiig

Louis C.K.
Don Cheadle
Ricky Gervais
Matt LeBlanc
William Macy
Jim Parsons

Lena Dunham
Edie Falco
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Melissa McCarthy
Amy Poehler
Taylor Schilling

Colbert Report
Daily Show
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Real Time With Bill Maher
The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Killing Kennedy
Muhammed Ali’s Greatest Fight
The Normal Heart
The Trip To Bountiful

Now we’ll wait for the ceremony and cross our fingers so our fave pics make it!

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8 Celebs that look like Disney Characters

1. Amanda Seyfried

It could be true that Mandy Moore has Rapunzel’s voice, but Amanda Seyfried definitely has the looks! The blonde hair, the green eyes and practically her face looks a lot like Rapz’ :


2. Goldie Hawn

Remember “The Lady and the Tramp”, when the Lady goes to doggy jail, and there’s gorgeous raspy voiced mixed Shit Zu with long hair, well we don’t know you but it reminds us a LOT of Goldie…


3. Tom Welling

There’s for sure a similarity in Eric from “The Little Mermaid” and Tom Welling. Perfectly defined jaw line, black thick hair.. Come on girls, let’s stare at them for a minute or two and make sure there’s no difference.. sigh!

Tom Welling

4. Lily Cole

Here we can say they do look alike in more than one feature, Starting with the gorgeous red hair and those light blue eyes, the only thing we would need to to for them to be identical is take down Merida’s bow and arrow and dress her up a bit! And there you have it!

Lily Cole

5. Kerry Washington

Two strong, decided and gorgeous ladies, and the best of all they SO look alike! Tiara and Kerry could be even more than sisters, the facial features, the elegance, those sassy eyes!

Kerry Washington

6. Hugh Laurie

Better known for playing Dr. House, Hugh’s character personality makes a perfect match with Scar. Asides from his mean voice, his hair and even their eyes have similarities. Look into them for a while… don’t tell me you can’t see it! It’s there!

Hugh Laurie

7. Isla Fisher

Asides from looking like Amy Adams the Enchanted star, she looks A LOT like Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”. And though she doesn’t have that intense red head, her smile, her innocent eyes and her bubbly personality resembles so much our little aquatic princess!

Isla Fisher

8. Leighton Meester

The small lips, the rounded Bambi eyes, the lightness of their skin, the blushy cheeks! I mean… they are if not twin sisters, they must be clones ! The star that makes “Blair” from Gossip Girl alive, only needs a red band in her head and a red lipstick ! Can you see the similarities?



There you have them! If you find another look alike send it to us!

Via Twitter or Facebook so we can post it here!