Kyllie Jenner setting Kim Kardashian up so she looses her curvy bod? Sister’s feud or nah?

We all know that Kim Kardashian is obsessed with her curvy-licious body since like EVER! Well she posted an image on Instagram showing her worry regarding ruining’ her body any way possible. She posted quote:

“Ughhhh @kyliejenner is trying to make me eat carbs! #LaScalla @carladibello @shammaurice

Ok, stop it Kim, first off one carb won’t kill you from time to time, two work the carbs out and three Pluh-ease babe you have all the money to fix it in case anything else fails!

So chill Mermaid body you’re gorgeous Kim!

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WHAAAT?? Zac Efron gets hands on Justin Bieber now! Check out the image here!

I bet that Orlando Bloom is not the only one who wants or wanted to get his hands on JB, I bet there’s more than one out there who would pay to do so. Well my dear gossipers this time was Zac Efron‘s turn, but not they way you think!

A online user named Josh Gigante posted a Twitter pic with these two, Zac and Justin Bieber,  in which Zac has his hands on Justin’s neck, here it is:

Well, it is not what we expected either, but if anyone gets that close to Bieber, I’d just might as well at least whip his head a bit!! They were both spotted in Ibiza where they’ve been partying a lot! One of the with a gorgeous lady, Michelle Rodriguez , and the other with a BUNCH of gorgeous ladies, Jenners and Kardashians!

Well, well, well Zackie’ boy seems to be getting closer and closer to what we like to call “Bad Company and Celebrity Associates” , we just hope that hanging out with Michelle and Bieber doesn’t turn into another rehab session for Efron.

Stay safe Zac! Gosh we still wish he had at least pinched Bieber, *sigh!

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Christina Aguilera gets bares her bump for V Magazine

Christina Aguilera went on a very sexy photo shoot for V Magazine, the most edgy magazine so far considering the fact that many other celebrities have performed controversial photo shoots for the same mag.

The “Candy Man” singer posed very naked and very pregnant too for some spicy yet gorgeous images, we’ll let you be the judge and tell us what you think!!


We’re very excited for Christina and her first born, and after that super cool baby shower, this tops the cake! hahah!!

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Another one joining the party in Ibiza, Kim Kardashian!

Kimmie just posted a picture on her Instagram while she arrived to Ibiza…. OMG!

Is she just there for Summer Vacay, since no one wants Kardashians on the Hamptons hehe, or is she there to join Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron?

We hope to see some more images of WHAT exactly she’s doing in Ibiza!

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Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron are back on track for more summer fun!

Did you really think this couple wasn’t going to last for ever? Well it may not, but this super hot summer fling has everyone eyes turning every time we mention either or the names of these two actors.

We are also not sure how long it may last, but it all points that Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron cannot be separated for too long.  Since the couple was spotted in Ibiza last Thursday, apparently to continue a pending party issue 😉 .

Michelle was rocking a sexy ab showing outfit, and Zac seemed,  I mean they both seemed happy to see each other!

What ever this may come out as, we hope that it doesn’t involve too many drugs or alcohol since Zac has been struggling with rehab since last year!

You stay safe kids! What do you think about this “couple” if we can call it like that? Tell us more via your preferred social media!

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Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber fist fight?! Choose your team!

Well babes and boys seems that finally someone in Hollywood just can’t take Bieber’s BS’s! Since both of these two gentleman’ ( If we can call Justin that?!) were partying early today Wednesday in Ibiza t Cipriani restaurant, when they strangely ran into each other.

And this seems to be an old penging task on Orlando’s To Do list, since waaaay back Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr divorced, she was spotted flirting VERY VERY Intensely with Justin Bieber.

BUT!!! A couple of months down the road ORLANDO was spotted hanging out with Selena Gomez. Unlike Bloom who didn’t do much back when Biebs hung out with his GF , well Justin decided he would speak up, screaming to Orlando:

‘What up, bitch?’

Mr. Bloom might have been ok with Bieber hanging out with Kerr, but after both of these guys exchanged words the conversation got a bit heated and it ended up in Bloom PUNCHING Justin!!!! We have a small video provided by TMZ:

OUCH! While the pop singer feared for his money making face Justin Bieber flew the scene, because after all he’s all talk and no play. He even posted a picture of Miranda, which he quickly deleted… Bieber go home you fufu lame kid… !

We’re not sure if this all had to do with the girls Selena and Miranda, but all we gotta say is if it was, Orlando got some back! hahaha

We figured we’d have to wait a bit to find out. Stay updated via your fave social network!

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Exclusive pictures from Lady Gaga’s last night Jazzy gathering in Jerome’s NYC

And to continue with the news we received a few more detailed and cooler on Lady Gaga’s jazzy performance last night with some friends at New York bar  Jerome’s.

She climbed into the bar, grabbed a mic and took off!


Channeling a Liz Taylor, gypsy-bohemian style she ruled the bar, witnesses said she would do WAY better doing Jazz music than pop. and we must admit Stephanie is VERY talented in many things… we’d love to hear more Jazz from her!

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Lady Gaga Spotted a an NYC bar last night hanging out in a very strange outfit!

You know the best shots are amateur and fan shots! Well we caught this lovely lady hanging out in an NYC bar, still unknown ( we’ll get you that in a few) hanging out with a few friends and even singing some jazz.

We even got a small clip 🙂 Ahh the wonders of Instagram!!

Lady Gaga has worked in a jazz album for two years now with Tony Bennett and it will be called “Cheek to Cheek,” it is expected to be released this fall. The “Mother Monster” was rocking a very Liz Taylor / Arabian nights outfit last night:



We’ll keep you posted on star gazing and spotting! Would you like Gaga more if she made jazz? Some people say so… What do you think? We’d love to hear from you!
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The Jenners hanging out with Chris Brown!! And We thought Jelena was trouble!!

The famous reality and model celebs Kilie and Kendall Jenner are down on some hard core partying and counting with her friendzies’ Chris Brown and  Trey Songz.

Posing for some party Instagram clips for a few accounts recorded the star mingle last Saturday.

We just hope these girls are not down on to some hard CORE partying with these two.. like for real! What do you think? Is this jsut some harmless partying or something bad could come out of this? We want to hear it from you.. tell us more via:

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5 of the Most Infamous and Scandalous Celebrity Trials in History

We know that celebrities hardly ever behave, but when the law gets involved, it usually results in a scandal that is tough for a celeb to shake—no matter how famous or beloved they are. In many cases, the lawsuit or scandal becomes the reason behind the celebrity’s fame (or infamy), and their work is long forgotten. Read on to learn about some of the juiciest celebrity trials we’ve ever seen, and the far-reaching effects they had on each of the stars’ careers.

O.J. Simpson


When O.J. was arrested for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, the media was in a full-coverage frenzy (as they usually are with these things.) As coverage continued, the country was polarized between “did he?” and “didn’t he?” Everyone had an opinion, and the entire nation was divided—greatly due to the fact that it turned into a “race case,” which always causes people to take sides quickly. With the mysterious gloves and an exciting car chase, the footage and evidence grew stranger, yet stronger. Although Simpson’s attorney, Robert Shapiro, demonstrated a lack of respect for the court and the charge, Simpson was ultimately acquitted of murder.

Michael Vick

The then-Minnesota Viking was arrested on animal cruelty charges when he was discovered to have been running an illegal and vicious dog-fighting ring. Breeding pit bulls for the dubious “sport,” killing unprofitable dogs by hanging, knifing, and shooting dogs was among the allegations lobbied at Vick. Apparently Vick wasn’t making enough money as a professional football player, so he needed a side job to bring in a little extra cash.

Michael Jackson

We can’t talk about celebrity court cases without mentioning the King of Pop and the charges of child abuse leveled against him. MJ was accused of inviting underprivileged adolescent boys to his amusement park-themed home, the Neverland Ranch, serving them a wine drink he called “Jesus Juice,” and committing sexual crimes against them. As the King of Pop’s reputation took a dive, fans were disappointed and the nation was once again divided and skeptical about what the real truth was.

Roman Polanski

The celebrated movie director was charged and ultimately convicted of “unlawful sex with a minor” after tapes he shot of him with the young girl surfaced years later. The 13-year-old girl in the tape was an adult by the time the case reached trial, but she was reluctant to cooperate with the courts and appeared to want to stay out of the spotlight. This case was more of a hidden scandal since it had taken place so many years prior—however, the media loves any type of scandal, especially one that involves skeletons in the closet.

Kobe Bryant

Bryant was accused of raping a young woman working at the Colorado spa where he was staying to recuperate from knee surgery. The charges were eventually dismissed and Bryant settled out of court in the civil case she brought against him relating to the charges. Luckily for him, Bryant is talented enough that the case is still remembered, but not overshadowing for his career. Plus, plenty of famous athletes have fouled up their lives since then, so the legal spotlight has moved on to others since Kobe’s debut.

When celebrities behave badly, they cannot escape scrutiny from the media and speculation from their fans. These cases were infamous and their notoriety may outlive the stars’ careers themselves, which is unfortunate for those who worked so hard to cultivate a successful career. Fame is a fickle thing, and as you can see, you can be the golden child one day, and an enemy of the state the next. Information for this article was provided by ICBC lawyers in Vancouver at Kenneth Cristall Legal.

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