Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber together… AGAIN???

I know people is not very much interested in Justin lately, for being the ” Bad boy” he thinks he is.. but seriously SELENA???

We are not sure if these two are together but Justin Bieber posted a picture yesterday, that was later on deleted saying the following:

Oh Selena Gomez, what in the world are you doing?! Is JB’s bad boy behavior appealing to Selena? or is this a way to ask her to come back to him? Gomez had expressed not too long ago that she was “Taking her power back”, and we kinda understood she was getting off this train wreck… but it seem she’s still crushed on her first love!

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Sandra Bullock stalker breaks into her house. He was well armed!!!

While Sandra Bullock was in the comfort of her house last Sunday a man identified as Joshua Corbett trespassed into the actress’s property. We have known that this guy is obsessed with  Bullock.

He was arrested after being caught looking through Sandra‘s personal belongings yesterday, and he might even have stolen a diary from the mega star. Police department reveals that Joshua managed to pass the barbed wire fences and security cameras, showing how desperate he was on making contact with Sandra and her son Louis, whom were together inside of the house the moment he broke in.

Sandra bullock

She has already filed a restriction order against the intruder, since her safety and her baby’s is obviously in question. Thanks God they are both OK and safe.What is truly disturbing is that Joshua Corbett actually had a machine gun with him. There are now charges of felony burglary , stalking and machine gun possession.

We’re just glad and happy that all turned out the good way, and hope this doesn’t happen again, cause even if you’re not a celebrity an armed intruder is definitely VERY SCARY.

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Yay day for Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna!

It all points that Kanye is not the only West that is proud to show off, she making sure the world sees her gorgeous new ring!

Her humongous Lorraine Schwartz had to wait back at home, while she displayed her solo diamond wedding ring while posing with her BFF Blac Chyna for a cute Instagram picture:

“Yay day with my main @kimkardashian …”


Well as far as we know, the YAY day stands for the previous image Blac Chyna posted saying : Friday / FriYay , and it all points that these two beautiful no-make-up ladies were heading the gym, since both of them seem to be rocking work out clothing. This makes us wonder if that’s actually the reason why she left her 15 carat diamond treasure ring, so it wouldn’t get wet on sweat! Hmm… wise girl!

But we’re still loving this gorgeous ring!

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Tracy Morgan UPDATE: Doctor’s say struggling recovery but no leg amputation is needed!

Within all this mess and sadness we have some good news.  The comedian who was involved in a 6 vehicle car accident last weekend, is in critical condition but is finally stable. Because of this loads of rumors are already swamping online media, announcing that he would get a leg amputated, that he died and so on.

And just to clarify all the situation and avoid misinformation his publicist Steve Patterson released an OFFICIAL report saying:

Thanks God there’s no more bad news, and as we know that growing broken bones takes time, this will be the main reason why Tracy Morgan will remain hospitalized for a few weeks.

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Tracy Morgan in ICU after terrible accident in New Jersey

The actor and comedian Tracy Morgan along with two members of his team are still in critical state since last Sunday, after an accident in which six vehicles were involved, starting with a trailer truck loosing control.

"Righteous Kill" New York City Premiere - Arrivals

Morgan was coming back from a live show in Dover Downs Hotel and Casino, Delaware with other six people when the limo turned the wrong way around in New Jersey Turnpike. It all happened when the a Walmart trailer truck driver couldn’t pull the breaks on time when facing a traffic jam in the highway so he tried to make a last minute turn, but it actually hit the Mercedes limo bus which generated a collision wave into another five vehicles.

Morgan’s colleague and mentor Jimmy Mack McNair, passed away as a result of the terrible accident. The driver of the trailer truck was accused of murder by auto, his name is Kevin  Roper, 35 years old, he turned himself to the police department and is now being booked and processed for 1 count of death by auto and 4 counts of assault by auto. The bail is at $50K.

Ardie Fuqua Jr, comedian, and Jeffrey Millea, from Shelton, Connecticut  are in critical but stable state, doctors say Morgan may face a lot of time in the hospital because of multiple broken bones, including broken nose, several broken ribs and femur.  He’s recovering from a surgery he had yesterday on his leg.

On the other hand Walmart CEO, Bill Simon said that hi will assume the whole responsibility of the accident if the authorities determine if his truck caused the accident. He also said

“We can’t change what happened, but we will do what’s right for the family of the victim and the survivors in the days and weeks ahead.”

NTSB is investigating along with the state police to describe all the details of this horrible case.

Ardie Fuqua posted this last picture before the crash accident saying :

“This is what it looks like from the stage to see a standing ovation from 1500 people. Then we traveled back to NYC in style in a luxury Mercedes Sprinter. Road life is a good life! “

Tracy Morgan Ardie Fuqua

And these were the images of the accident:

The family says they are very overwhelmed and appreciative for the support and love people have expressed.

Our prayers and thoughts are with them and their families.

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TLC disses Rihanna for showing so much skin!! ALL THE TIME!!

It all points that Rihanna‘s outfit has pushed a few buttons, this time TLC. While everybody was in awe with Riri’s awesome and sparkly dress, not to mention VERY see through, the 90’s girl bad wasn’t THAT impressed!


Back in Australia T-Boz commented about Rihanna:

“Every time I see you you don’t have to be naked. It’s easy to sell sex. It’s hard for us to say anything because any time we do, they say, ‘Oh TLC must be jealous’, but I call a spade a spade.”

Errr’ Body down, the grenade has been thrown! Well i guess she wan’t alone when Chilli added her ideas saying:

“We became the biggest girl selling group of all time with our clothes on and that says a lot. We could go around too with booby cakes out all day long…”

iHeartRadio Music Festival Las Vegas 2013 - Day 1

They actually could and people will actually buy it, since sex sells. But as a personal thought on this, it is true, most new artists are selling TOO MUCH SEX, and the image they give to young girls is a very distorted one, it ruins the way men and people in general see women.

TLC is on the overall is saying that Rihanna sells only because she uses her body as main advertisement to gain success, the easy way to the top. We would have to disagree a bit, since Rihanna has true talent, she’s been a hit singer way before skin showing, but in the fact that girls now days show “cover a bit” more and give a substantial content in their art to become a leading example to the youngsters like our 80’s and 90’s role models used to be, would be appreciated.

Any ways Rihanna looked gorgeous and if she slows down a bit, it’s all cool!

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Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas! Done? Divorce on the way…

Omg! Second split in a day! This was something we did not expect !!

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are son to be ex-husband and ex-wife! Melanie filed the divorce today, claiming irreconcilable differences as the reason of the termination of the almost 19 year old marriage they had.

In the documents Griffith asks for child support, full physical custody of Stella, marriage’s 17 year old daughter, aaaaaanddddd she’s asking for spousal support!!

This is Melanie’s 4th strike on marriages, and Antonio‘s second divorce in a day ! WOW!

We wish them all best of lucks and to find happiness!

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, the break up is real, they’re getting divorced!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have made their divorce official after almost 30 months together. Someone close to the couple expressed that this was actually done 2 months ago, but they both kept it on the low’ until this moment, we guess they were giving each other a little time but it didn’t work out… Awww too bad !

Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart

But the source keeps telling us that Lopez and Smart signed their divorce papers and all, turning out to be a very friendly happy ending!


We hope Jenny has enough time to mourn her break up while touring for her new album, and it seems it’s actually working in a positive way in her, concert goers said she was Amazing in her Bronx, NY presentation!

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Brett Michaels collapses on stage

Bret Michaels had to stop a concert after only 3 songs as he suffered a medical emergency diabetes related.

He was in Manchester, New Hampshire last Thursday night when he was rushed off the stage, he had low blood sugar, he has struggled with Diabetes Type 1 since he was a child.

Manchester Fire Department says the 911 call was placed around 9:45 PM about a diabetic emergency in a tour bus. Emergency team flew to the scene to attend Brett.


Get well soon Brett!

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Amanda Bynes getting better and better!

We definitely have to say: What a huuuuuuuugeeeeee change!

We’re happy to see the starlet look so great after a year of hard work on her mental health issues. She looked gorgeous and healthy as she left  Cardio Barre class in suburban El Lay.


She won’t be hitting the big screen anytime soon,  but we do hope that she has great things to show is, the best is yet to come from Amanda Bynes.

Seeing that great smile in her face surely makes most of us happy that she’s getting better.

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