Seasonal Women’s Leather Jackets

Seasonal Leather Jackets

Seasonal Leather Jackets If you have confidence in what you wear, then fashion is your strongest strength. The majority of the people think a lot when it comes to choosing an outerwear. The doubt of the color suiting their personality or the pattern looking beautiful on them is always there.

It does not take rocket science to find out that women are more self-conscious about fashion than men are. As soon as they see the outfit that is creating headlines in fashion, they are the first ones to check. Outfits from dresses to extraordinary casual wear, they are more than willing to try it on. In magazines, fashion shows, and style channels, every single kind and type of outfits is put on show. It is an excellent guide for those looking to keep up with fashion.

Moreover, the outfits that they look for are seasonal outerwear. Since the world of fashion is evolving day by day, and the designers are bringing fresh and innovative ideas forward, it does attract many people. Each season, the outfits keep getting better and better. The colors, patterns, cut, designs, etc. is made sure to compliment the season by their makers.

Women outfits have more variety and vibrancy when it comes to seasonal wears. From formal dresses to casual shirts and jackets, these designer outfits are every girl’s dream. However, of course, it is hard to get because of its price. Nevertheless, there is one type of outerwear women wear commonly these days. That outfit is leather jackets.

Seasonal Leather Jackets These leather jackets can are worn in any season. There was a time when leather jackets were thought to be the ideal outfit for bikers and winter season. However, things have changed and now in every season, including summer, leather jackets are worn. Now for some that sounds a bit absurd but leather jackets can be worn in the summer too.

Leather jackets are the new trends that are making the women go wild. Ultimately, it is convenient outerwear, which can be worn as often as you wish. The fact that the durability of the jackets depends on the quality of the leather, but with proper care it won’t look like the jacket is old. Since it comes in everyone’s favorite colors with stunning designs, women are tempted to buy them. From slim-fitting to unique cuts, there is an enormous variety of jackets. Every season, the outfits keep getting better and grander. The designers, who are young, come up with the most outstanding outerwear that gives the experience designers a run for their money.

The colors of spring, winter, summer and autumn is nicely incorporated in these jackets. Although it might be expensive, they are worth it. Designers always use the very best of materials and accessories to make sure it looks stunning on the person wearing it. If you are having trouble purchasing because of the limited budget, it is best to order from an online store. As the world evolves so does the tech. Everywhere is upgrading and it’s going solid.


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About Me: My Name is Ana Riley and I’m a Content Writer for Studied Fashion and obtained master degree from it. It’s been two years for me writing content, searching different trends and majority I write about fashion. Also photography is my hobby and I do take some clicks a lot whenever I attend to any fashion events.

MTV VMA’s 2015 Best & Worst Dressed

This time the MTV VMA’s 2015 had a lot of fashion to show and to talk about, well the gorgeous girls from Clevver Style in Youtube put this awesome video together of the best and worst dressed for this annual music event.

The host Miley Cyrus surely had something to add into the Best and Worst list! But we want you to tell us your ideas on MTV VMA’s 2015. Leave your comment down below and don’t forget to follow us on Social Media!

Miley Cyrus tries to break the internet again? – Paper Magazine NSFW Pics!


Paper Magazine just did it again! This time someone who doesn’t need to be tickled much to free the nipple, Miley Cyrus! And she may not break the internet but she is definitely causing trauma in many internet users while she exposes her nipples freely and in full color !


Yes the guys who made Kim Kardashian’s oiled booty exposed spread are surely back with more shocking A-List pictures for you to nibble on! But she claims it is all on her Veganism and her change of life.


She sure is a very influential image for youngsters of our era, and said that she will use it to speak up about matters such as going vegan, homeless people, homosexual rights and the list keeps going,


Body covered by peach paint and colorful stripes we see a Miley that portraits a doll like image. Photographer Paola Kudachi took the revealing pictures while under the creative direction of  Diane Martel, whom work with Cyru’s visuals on Bangerz Tour. So Miley might have felt in full comfort.


She decides to end the photoshoot with a picture very alike to Kim Kardashian’s in a sense. Both images have been hogged out in censorship, Ha!


What do you think about these pictures? Are they a bit too revealing? Tell us more in a comment or join the conversation via social media in any of our accounts!

**Image Source: Paper Magazine Online**

Tricks to Make Your Legs Look Longer

How to have long legs

Making lips juicier, eyes brighter and more attractive or breasts look bigger does not seem to be as hard as to make our legs look longer. All women know legs are a powerful seduction tool, but unluckily not all of us have got tapered, long  legs. Anyway, there is no need to worry. Even though you cannot change your genetics, there are some tricks you can use to create the illusion of longer legs.

How to have long legsTo make this possible, the kind of clothes you wear is essential. Choosing the right colors for pants will help you look slimmer and lengthen the legs, and if you choose skirts, belts and shoes wisely you will also be taking a big step to achieve the look you’ve always wanted to.

So let’s get started. When choosing pants opt for darker colors (black, grey or denim), and regular or high-waisted ones. Forget about the boot-cut, go for the straight or skinny types. If possible, try to find seamless pants, they will definitely give the effect of thinner and longer legs.
The shoes are certainly a key element to highlight and make your legs look longer than they are. Avoid those shoes or sandals that tie at the ankle and have accessories like buckles and straps in this place because this type of footwear gives the feeling that your legs are shorter. High-heels are a must, but choose thin heels instead of chunky ones. Another great tip is to match your shoes with your pants and socks; this monochromatic effect creates a clean line from the top of the leg directly to the ground without interruption.

Surely, you would agree with the fact that there is no better garment than a good skirt or shorts to make your legs look longer, slender and desirable. Well, you are right, but the key lies in choosing the right ones. The skirts or shorts must always be above the knee. Remember that the more skin you show, the longer your legs will look.

Now that you know what to wear to create the illusion of longer legs, don’t forget to make your skin glow. Use a moisturizing cream or lotion to highlight the outline of your legs.

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The Best Style and Trend Picks From Spring 2015

The Best Style and Trend Picks From Spring 2015

Shoes, shoes and shoes- Well, no girl can ever have enough of shoes and diamonds! The Spring Collections 2015 were out last year, and we cannot wait to try some of the new things that were on the runways. The best part of spring shoes this year is the amount of style innovation that has gone even the basic designs, making each designer pair look better and fresher than others. Check these shoe styles you will be wearing in 2015!

The Best Style and Trend Picks From Spring 2015

Spring Collections 2015

New age flats: Flats for 2015 spring were all about glamour, style and unlimited imagination. One must admit that flats aren’t really flattering to the height, and that’s where you need to make judgments before wearing them anywhere. For spring 2015, the flats went from being simple to completely innovative, adding glamour to every look with ease. From pointy toes to the use of laced designs, the choices are many to try.

Spring Collections 2015

Gladiators are back: Even some time back, if you asked a few girls on their worst shoe styles ever, they would name it gladiators as one of them. The gladiators for spring 2015 have gone through major changes, with some really curious and stunning cuts coming to the forte, and one can also find laced and tied designs that make new changes to the cut-out style that gladiators are known for. Pair these shoes with your favourite dresses, and you can ready for summers and fall alike.

Spring Collections 2015

Back with the clogs: Clogs are probably another style that does nothing for the legs, often making you look shorter and fatter. Fast forward to 2015, and you have designs that are utterly fun and innovative. So, the clogs for the spring have heels, boast with the use of straps and buckles and are made in wood and suede. The designs are diverse, and therefore, you have something that works with most things you wear, even for the workplace.

Spring Collections 2015

Back to block heels: Finally, it’s the right time in the fashion world, when you can say a goodbye to the high heels that seem amazingly convoluted to wear and walk. Thanks to the block and chunky heels that have been around for some seasons now, fashion doesn’t have to be tough anymore. Block heels were a part of the major runway looks this year, and we only assume that the trend will be around for next few years. Block heels can be quite unique in style elements, and you will find pairs worth wearing even for high end parties.

Among the other mentionable trends for spring 2015 is the coming of flatforms that are another new style on the block, where you have flat platforms that can be quite cool to gaze at. Start with searching for some of these shoes online, and you will have a new look worth drooling every day.

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Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion expert, who has written for a number of magazines and online sites. She is the Chief Editor for The House of Elegance Fashion and works as a full time style consultant.

The Best Dresses of SAG Award 2015

The Best Dresses of SAG Award 2015

The 21st Annual SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Award was presented at The Shrine Auditorium on January 25, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. We want to show you some of the best dresses of the SAG Award 2015.

Please take a look and let us know what you think.

Maria MenounosMaria Menounos at SAG Awards 2015

Molly ParkerMolly Parker at SAG Awards 2015

Kimiko GlennKimiko Glenn at SAG Awards 2015

Emmy RossumEmmy Rossum at SAG Awards 2015

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The Golden Globes’ Most Beautiful Dresses

We bring out 5 of The Golden Globes’ Most Beautiful Dresses wore by our female stars. Please check them out and give us your opinion.

Amy Adams dressesAmy Adams: The Award winner Amy Adams wore a blue Versace dress that matched with the color of her eyes. Amy Adams won the Golden Globes for the film “Big Eyes”. This is her second Golden Globes award. She received numerous Golden Globes, Academy and BAFTA Award nominations.

Kate Hudson dressesKate Hudson: You need to have a nice body to be able to wear the king of dresses wore by Kate Hudson! For the Golden Globes, she wore a white and sexy Versace dress. Kate Hudson won a Golden Globe and receiving several nominations, including one for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, for her role in Almost Famous.

Jane Fonda dressesJane Fonda: This Hollywood icon and two-time Academy Award winner always looks glamorous in the red carpet! For the 72nd Golden Globes, she wore a Red Versace dress.

Dakota Johnson dressesDakota Johnson: What a nice dress! She just looks amazing in this Chanel dress! Dakota Johnson was flashing from head-to-toe in the Golden Globes. Dakota Johnson is an American actress and model, best known for being cast in the lead role of Anastasia “Ana” Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey, set for release in 2015.

Diane Kruger  dressesDiane Kruger: The actress and former fashion model wore a silver dress created by Emilia Wickstead. Diane Kruger is known for roles such as Helen in Troy and she was ranked 50th on the Maxim Hot 100 Women in 2005.

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Would you wear these dresses?

Celebrities are always looking to get attention. Sometimes, they use fashion to attract the camera. Look the outfits of these stars and tell us if you think this is a fashion faux pas.

celebrity worst dresses

Lorde wore this black jumpsuit at the VMAs. What do you think of her jumpsuit? Will you arrive to a party dressed like Lorde?

Do you call this a dress? Well, in in my opinion, it looks more like Babydolls. But why not ask Jena Malone!

What to say about Lena’s dress? Maybe she tried to look like a greater flamingo!

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How To Wear A Two-Piece Set Like A Celebrity

What exactly is a two-piece set? It’s a simple concept, gaining popularity in celebrities and common folk alike. The set comes as a matching top and bottom and can be any style- a crop top, a tee, a skirt, pants, etc. There’s no wrong way to combine a two-piece set as long as you get the first part right—it has to match!

Its rising popularity is being seen on runways and celebrities in their casual, everyday wardrobe. Let’s check out some examples of celebrities rocking the fad.

Celebrity wearing two pieces set

Taylor Swift two piece set
Taylor Swift two piece set(Photo courtesy of InStyle)

The queen of style has been on a roll lately, from her killer new album to her general inability to do anything wrong in the world of fashion. Have you seen her new music video yet? Flawless outfits in every scene.

In this picture, she’s rocking her very own two piece set, a fad she’s been fond of over the last few months. The floral design paired with stylish heels was perfect for her summer in New York City.

Rihanna two piece set
Rihanna two piece set(Photo courtesy of VibeVixen)

Rihanna gives off the perfect ‘I don’t care’ vibe in this picture. Isn’t that what we all strive for—having an amazing sense of fashion, but seeming like we put absolutely no effort into the look? It’s like spending twenty minutes to get the perfect ‘I woke up like this’ hairdo.

Just like in Taylor’s picture, Rihanna paired her two-piece set with a sleek pair of heels for an effortlessly beautiful posh take on the style.

Selena Gomez two piece set
Selena Gomez two piece set(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)

Selena Gomez sort of looks like a perfect Disney princess in her two-piece set, even though this High School Musical princess is long gone from her days of kid films.

She’s wearing pants instead of a skirt in her two-piece set, but it looks just as perfect as the ladies in their skirts. With those colors, she’s sort of like a modern princess Jasmine, don’t you think?

Her two-piece choice is a good alternative to leggings or sweatpants when you want to relax but don’t want to dress down too much.

Mindy Kaling two piece setMindy Kaling two piece set(Photo Courtesy of PopSugar)

Despite the odd design, Mindy shows us that any figure can wear a two-piece set.

Ladies who are a little self-conscious about their weight don’t have to be nervous to show off a bit of skin. Take it from Mindy—this gorgeous fad looks just as good on any kind of body type.

Her outfit accentuates her gorgeous womanly curves in this picture. She pairs her set with heels and a well-done manicure to top off the look. Talk about a well put together outfit!

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Kaftans for the Party Season

Shopping for any celebration is a happy time, especially from a fashion perspective. With each new season designers thrill us with innovative apparel choices, and the upcoming festive season is no exception. Christmas in particular is a time for enjoyment and celebration, so there’s no better excuse to treat yourself to some elegant threads.

Now of course with December beckoning, for women this is the time to go all out and look your best. After all, if you can’t make a special sartorial effort around the Christmas and New Year season, when can you?!

However, it’s astonishing how stressful the preparation period can be, especially where choosing an entire new season’s wardrobe is concerned. But in an age where we “buy now and pay later”, fashion-savvy females are no strangers to going the extra mile in order to stay looking stylish.

Kaftan fashionSo what are some of the best clothing choices for this year’s season of goodwill? There is no magic rule book for what classes as the number one outfit choice, but we can take the time to have a look at the following points for some inspiration in the process…

The Kaftan

You may not immediately picture a kaftan to wear around the Christmas period, but it’s surprising just how fashionable designs have gotten over the years, so do not rule this garment out just yet. Light and flowing to wear, kaftans are essentially wearable pieces of art due to their versatile variety of prints. If you’re looking to browse through a decent range of kaftans online, you’re in for a treat with the Queen of Kaftans, CAMILLA. Here you will find kaftans of all lengths, prints and embellishments. The good news is that this resort wear essential is designed to flatter the figure, so there is every excuse to buy one. And did we mention that there are different ways of tying the kaftan and creating new looks with the one garment? Winning!

History of the Kaftan

A trend that has become hugely popular since the 1950’s is wearing poolside clothing and beach wear to places other than the seaside. Enter the kaftan. This daring yet delightful trend is here to stay with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Beyonce all being huge supporters.

The kaftan initially stemmed from the late 60’s and 70’s when hippie culture was at the height of its popularity. Kaftans are very simplistic garments that are usually worn over the top of other clothing choices. However, they can also be worn on their own as a stylish dress. Originating from the Middle East, it used to be that kaftans were mainly worn to cover a male or female’s modesty. But as fashion has moved on, so has the kaftan’s purpose.

Kaftan Styles

Whether you’re a secret hippie at heart, you love to channel Bohemian style like actress Sienna Miller, or you just need an iconic party piece that’s different from the norm, the kaftan definitely appeals to a variety of lifestyles. It is a feminine garment that comes in printed, embellished or plain designs, depending on the designer or retailer. The length of a kaftan can also vary, but recently, shorter editions have been on the fashion menu for many women. So if you want to dress with ethnic flair this season, look no further than the kaftan.

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