Why Pink donates 1 million$ to finish the fight against the coronavirus?


Global Popstar and Sensation Alecia Beth Moore (famously known as Pink) recently came to the light when she revealed that she herself and her 3-year-old son was diagnosed with the coronavirus. Pink tweeted that she and her Son were feeling the symptoms of this Global disease that has shaken the world to the core.


Pink took this opportunity to raise awareness of the lack of facilities and equipment which is essential for the treatment and identification of those who are suffering from the Virus and has put the blame on the government for not taking appropriate action. Upon her recovery, Pink made an announcement to donate 1 Million $ to help fight this global epidemic.

The ‘What about us’ Singer made a Donation to the City of Los angles Mayors emergency COVID-19 crisis Fund and another to the Temple University Hospital emergency fund where she stated on her tweet is where her mother had past worked for almost 18 years in the cardiology department.

While in the end, she has urged and requested people around the world to maintain a social distance and stay at home as this is a serious crisis. While seizing the opportunity of having the spotlight, she quoted in the tweet calling herself ‘Fortunate’ as she had medical care and expert doctors to help her with the treatment.

Amongst Pink, Many other celebrities such as Justin Beiber, Leonardo di Caprio, Oprah have also made donations in order to help those suffering from the disease and those who don’t have the necessary supplies during these tough times.

While these donations will indeed create an impact and help people understand the reality of how deadly this virus is. It is a humble request to stay home and socially distance ourselves in order to stop the spread of the virus. The WHO (world health organization) has called it a global pandemic. If not taken seriously, it will result in deaths and Impact the global community on a large scale which will impact the world greatly.

Therefore, we advise taking all necessary precautions and measures to help stop the spread of the risk of this Virus spreading and also to follow all necessary steps such as personal hygiene, washing of hands and etc and maintaining a distance of at least a meter from each other at home. This will help reduce getting the symptoms of this deadly virus from reaching you.

Kylie Jenner Would Never Forgive A Cheating Partner!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner stated that she would never forgive a cheating partner! Do you agree with this statement?

Kylie Jenner posted some videos with her friends recently, where all of them were playing the well-known game, ”Who’s Most Likely To”? In this game, her friends took turns and they answered questions back and forth, trying to figure out which one of them is ”the most daring one”.

One of the asked questions was ”Who’s most likely to forgive a cheating partner?”, where all of the girls said none of us! Kylie played this game with Stassie and some other A-list celebrity friends. Does this come off as a surprise to you? Since as we all know it by now, Kylie’s ex-best friend Jordyn Woods had messed around with Tristan Thompson, who is the baby daddy of Khloe Kardashians baby girl. And as we all know it, Kylie & Khloe are sisters!

This scandal has occurred over a year ago, and ever since then, Kylie stopped hanging out with Jordyn.

Kylie & Khloe

However, have you also noticed that Kylie & Travis Scott have stopped dating as of recent? Do you feel like the cheating rumors against this rapper were true? Was Travis disloyal as well? During the quarantine, Travis is not staying with Kylie, and fans are trying to figure out why is that.

What’s your opinion on the entire thing?

A) Kylie and Travis are loyal to one another, they are just trying to work some things out. Kylie is only bitter towards Tristan.

B) Travis has probably cheated on Kylie at one point, but she is not too sure if she’d take him back. You personally would forgive a cheating partner.

C) Travis has probably cheated on Kylie at one point, and she will not forgive him. You, personally, would also never forgive a cheating partner.

Sound off!

Katy Perry Is Pregnant – But Is She In Love?

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is pregnant and is expecting a child with our childhood crush, Orlando Bloom! Here’s all that you should know about their relationship.

Katy Perry is experiencing her first pregnancy and she is in love with every part of it! Everyone’s been talking about her and Orlando Bloom ever since they got engaged! I’m pretty sure that all women got their hearts crushed after finding this out, right?

Katy Perry at the age of 35 is dating Orlando Bloom, who has definitely ”blossomed” since he is 43 (quite older than Katy).

A lot of people have been commenting on their relationship, as well as their pregnancy.

Katy Peey pregnancy

However, what made an even bigger scene is the fact that Katy commented on her show that every couple deserves (and should take) a break. Katy & Orlando even ended things back in 2017. Back then they thought that they were spending way too much time together, and they believed that this wasn’t healthy.

Katy reported that this break-up had opened up their eyes, and has made them do some unusual things. In fact, this couple took several breaks during the last few years.

What do you think of this decision of Katy Perry? Rational, or irrational?

Should everyone take a break from their loved ones every once in a while?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

A) Taking a break from something (or someone) is always a good idea! In fact, I did it once or twice myself. You get to focus on so many different things meanwhile, and it makes both of you so much stronger and more available in the end.

B) If it works for them, it works for them, and we should respect their decision. However, I have never had a break from my relationship, and I’m not sure if I’d be willing to it.

C) I don’t see why anyone would take a break from someone that they truly love. It is all or nothing if you ask me, no reason to take breaks from love.

What do you think?!

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic| Kylie Jenner stay at home tips

Kylie Jenner stay at home tips

After the coronavirus epidemic spread across the globe, the celebrity Kylie Jenner has contacted her surgeon and got some guidance from him. She said that even though I have been doing my part still he encourages me to do so. Let’s find out the stay at the home tips from Kylie Jenner. She sent out the video on social media in which she told some tips for the people around during the corona epidemic.

She started the video by saying, happy self-quarantine.

Kylie is a very famous celebrity, especially in young people. She is a social media sponsor. And highly stepping up to the challenge of social distancing.

Coronavirus is a real thing. She said please stay inside the home and practice social distancing. 

If you are living with your parents then you should not go to their home and have self-quarantine. Because you might have it and don’t know about it and you might make them sick. 

The only way to solve this problem is to do our part because there is no cure by now. 

Nobody is immune to this even the millennials. 

She also gave some insights about the things she did when she went into hiding during her pregnancy.

When I was pregnant then I did something which I never told anyone in the past.

I stayed at home because of the pregnancy and I didn’t let myself bore. 

I watched movies I read books and I did everything. I did a full spa.

Took long Baths.  I even solved the puzzles. I took care of my skin I took care of my hair. 

In the last week of my pregnancy, I did more puzzles to make myself not bore. 

She said that staying at home can also be fun. You can enjoy with your children. Cook with them, make them play with you.

She also that, you should watch the West world show which is present on HBO if you already haven’t seen it. At the end of the video, she said treat me about what you are doing. We do this together.

Celebrities and athletes who diagnosed with coronavirus

coronavirus and celebrities

The coronavirus has already been spread to 146 countries and the worldwide death toll has reached 6,500. Among the more than 164,000 cases recorded globally are government officials, celebrities and sports personalities as authorities around the world grapple to contain the spread of coronavirus. There are celebrities and athletes included who have been diagnosed with coronavirus?

Government officials, spouses:

Nadine Dorries: A minister in the United Kingdom’s health department was the first British politician to test positive on March 10.

Peter Dutton: The Australian home affairs minister is under quarantine in the hospital after contracting the virus.

Massoumeh Ebtekar: The Iranian vice president is the country’s top government official to be infected by the virus, which has also affected several senior officials in the country. Iraj Harirchi, Iran’s deputy health minister, is also stricken. Iran is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau: The wife of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau tested positive for COVID-19 following a trip to the United Kingdom. The first lady, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, announced that she had been diagnosed with coronavirus, saying she planned to remain in isolation for the next two weeks, together with her husband. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau’s symptoms have been described as mild.

Begona Gomez: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s wife diagnosed with coronavirus, officials in his office said late on Saturday. The test of Begona Gomez was positive but the health of the prime minister and his wife are fine, the officials said. Spain said it would place the entire country under lockdown as the number of diagnosed cases exceeded 6,000.

Quim Torra: The regional leader of Spain’s Catalonia said on March 16 that he had diagnosed with coronavirus and that he was going into self-isolation in a government building.

Pere Aragones: Catalan deputy head of government, announced on March 15 that he had also diagnosed with coronavirus.

Irene Montero: The Spanish minister diagnosed with coronavirus on March 15 and has been put under quarantine along with her partner, Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias.

Frank Riester: Earlier this week, the French culture minister said he was staying at his home in Paris after contracting the virus. France has also imposed a partial lockdown to check the spread of COVID-19.

Francis Suarez: Also in the United States, Miami city’s mayor confirmed, on March 13, that he has contracted COVID-19.

Fabio Wajngarten: Top aide to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro diagnosed with coronavirus after he returned from a US trip where he met, among others, President Donald Trump, who later tested negative for the virus.

Michal Wos: Poland’s environment minister has diagnosed with coronavirus, he said in a tweet on March 16.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

The popular Hollywood couple announced on March 11 they were diagnosed with coronavirus and were placed in quarantine in a Gold Coast hospital in Australia.

Luis Sepulveda: Best-selling Chilean writer, who lives in northern Spain, also said he was infected and being diagnosed with coronavirus. Reports say he showed symptoms of the coronavirus in February after he returned from a literary festival in Portugal.

Idris Elba

The British actor and musician said he has tested positive for COVID-19 on March 16 in a video posted on Twitter, and that although he had no symptoms so far he was isolating himself from others.


Mikel Arteta: On March 12, the 37-year-old Arsenal manager was the first in England’s football Premier League to be diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Callum Hudson-Odoi: On the same day, the 19-year-old Chelsea winger also said he was infected.

Paulo Dybala: Italy-based Argentinian footballer announced his diagnosis on Friday. Italy is the worst-hit country after China by the pandemic, which has killed more than 1,800 people in the Mediterranean nation.

Rudy Gobert: The NBA Utah Jazz basketball star triggered criticism after he was seen carelessly touching microphones and voice recorders at a media event on March 9 after he was diagnosed with the virus.

Donovan Mitchell: Another NBA Utah Jazz player also tested positive for COVID-19 days later on March 12.

Fernando Gaviria: The Colombian cyclist confirmed on March 12 that he contracted coronavirus while racing during an event in the UAE and was admitted to a hospital in the Gulf nation.

Dmitry Strakhov: He was the second cyclist at the UAE Tour to have been diagnosed with the virus on the same day.

Coronavirus Outbreak And How Celebrities Have Reacted

Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is becoming a serious threat and a lot of celebrities are also taking action. See what they have to say, and how they’re dealing with it.

The most-talked about news in the last two months worldwide has been the Coronavirus outbreak. Are you scared or do you feel prepared for the worst-case scenario? Maybe you are on the opposite side of the spectrum, and you believe that no one should be panicking? Well, either way, here’s how some of your favorite celebrities have reacted thus far.

Naomi Campbell posted a picture of herself with pink gloves with a caption ”be safe” meaning that you should wear gloves when outside your home, while keeping your handshakes to a minimum.

Naomi Campbell for Coronavirus Outbreak

Bella Hadid had to walk the well-known Fashion Week show, where she wasn’t thrilled about visiting Milan or Paris. She wore a mask most of her trip, considering the fact that Italy is the worst and most affected place in Europe, this was a smart call.

Bella Hadid

Selena Gomez shared a series of pictures with her mom. These two have travelled to Chicago not too long ago, and have had a hard time navigating their trip, which is why both of them wore masks most of the time.

Selena Gomez

Eva Longoria is one of those celebrities who is calmed about it and is on a rational side. In fact, the actress is shooting a show in a small town in Italy and is not too concerned about the outbreak. She reassured her followers that she is nowhere near the north and that she will be flying back home in one week.

Eva Longoria for Coronavirus Outbreak

So, where do you stand on this topic?

Do you feel like people are rational with everything, or is the media making a bigger fuss than they should with this Coronavirus Outbreak?

A) Coronavirus is something that we all should fear off. It has killed over 3,300 people by now.

B) Statistically speaking, only 98,000 people have been infected, and 3,300 of them have died. I think that my odds are good and that I shouldn’t be worried too much.

C) The whole thing is a scam and the virus was man-made. It only affects elders or super young kids, which means that I have nothing to be worried about!

There are more possible answers, but let’s see what you relate to the most out of our three options! Let us know in the comments down below.


Meghan Markle

Reports suggest that Meghan Markle, who “was” the Duchess of Sussex is snubbed for a Disney Role. Her agent is looking for a top role for the former princess in Hollywood. She is trying her best to get back into acting and secure a career for her. However, things are not very easy for her after leaving the Royal Palace. After getting involved in so many controversies, and in the end leaving the Royal Family, obstacles are coming in her way. People are reluctant to offer her roles because they think that she is too controversial for their audience.

Disney role

The 38 years old Meghan and her husband Prince Harry are looking to start a new life after stepping down from royal duties. They are changing their friends and looking for more opportunities to continue their new life. The past friends are now away, and new people are coming closer. In this scenario, Meghan’s Hollywood agent Nick Collins is seeking aggressively to look for a leading role for her in Hollywood.

They were left in disappointment when many people rejected them. The boss from a film in which she applied told Mail that we don’t need Meghan much. Meghan needs Disney more than Disney needs Meghan. He also told the reason for this change is that she is now more controversial for any leading role in Hollywood. Another executive revealed that we have limited plans for Meghan Markle.

Meghan has claimed that her deal is in the final process, but it is no more than just a voiceover. She is aware that she may not get a direct chance in movies and must remain as a voiceover artist for some time. However, she is looking aggressively for a leading role, especially in a superhero film. She sent a message in Hollywood that she is available to work and open to best offers. She is planning to meet top Hollywood officials to get better offers, but things are not going smoothly.

Meghan Markle is snubbed for Disney’s role because filmmakers think that people can’t forget that Meghan Markle was a princess and she left the Royal Palace after controversies. The couple is planning to begin an adventure on Vancouver Island in Canada. After stepping down from royal duties, they are working hard to bring more positiveness to their life as their Insta story shows.

Justin Bieber Drama

Justin Bieber Drama

Are you a fan of Justin Bieber and you’d love him no matter what? What if we told you about his scandals before he & Hailey got married? Here’s the truth about Justin Bieber drama!

Justin Bieber was interviewed recently by several different media. In his interviews, he stated that he hasn’t been the most faithful person towards Hailey at the beginning of their relationship. Does this surprise you?

Hailey knew about this, so she ended up hurting him the same way and she hooked up with other people. Justin said that he did all of this because he was still confused and lost due to his and Selena Gomez’s relationship, and he wasn’t too sure if he was ready to commit to Hailey.

These two slowly reconnected in March of 2018, and even got engaged a few months later! They are married now, and Hailey is not Hailey Baldwin anymore, her last name is Bieber!

justin bieber and hailey baldwin

What is even more disturbing is that recently, Selena Gomez talked to media about her past with Justin. She explained that he was abusing her in some mental ways and that she slowly recovered from this.

So, what do you think? Did Justin cheat on Hailey with Selena? And what did actually happen between these two that Selena is so hurt even nowadays, 2-3 years later?

Selena Gomez

Do you want comment about Justin Bieber Drama or just to pick an answer from below?

A) Justin was probably abusing Selena in the relationship, so he had to take it out on someone. However, he didn’t want this to be Hailey.

B) Justin had some other issues and had to control himself before fully committing to Hailey.

C) Justin was just lost for a little, he is a victim in this case & you don’t believe a word that Selena says.

Let us know your opinion Justin Bieber Drama!

Adele’s incredible seven stone weight loss ‘down to intermittent fasting.’

Adele's weight loss down to intermittent fasting

These days, Adele’s weight loss, a famous 31-year-old singer, is a topmost gossip. She has transformed and lost her weight incredibly. Last month she had shown her new figure but didn’t share the diet.

According to the experts, she is using intermittent fasting. According to the creator of the 5:2 diet, Adele is using a 16:8 diet. This type of diet makes you eat for 8 hours and be hungry for 16 hours.

Those who are getting this diet should only drink the water and coffee during the 16 hours.

If you are opting for this diet, then it doesn’t mean that you should eat the cholesterol during the 8 hours, but you need to eat the beans the vegetables and also the nuts. Experts are saying that when you are going to follow this diet and will avoid the sugar, then you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight.

Dr. Mosley is saying that Adele’s weight loss is due to intermittent fasting. He further elaborates that if she follows this right then not only her body but her mental health will be good, too. This Mediterranean diet will make your mental health good and your body up to date. According to the doctor, gut health is very important for the mind, so if you improve your gut, then you will improve your mind and it will improve your whole body.

Reportedly she is using the 16: 8 diet but after her divorce, she is going forward. In the past, she was using the cake but now she is avoiding all the cakes and also junk food. She is using the berries which are the thing that activates fat-burning hormones in the body. According to the information, the plan she is using has green tea and cocoa powder on the menu.

According to the former trainer, Adele’s weight loss is totally based on the diet than that of the exercise. The trainer explained that 90% of Adele’s weight loss is because of the diet. She is doing her exercise during the course regularly but just to keep herself in tone. The overall output of her new figure is just because of that intermittent fasting.

The diet plan Adele is using, according to the trainer, is very good. And the reason is that the diet contains the greenery. She further elaborates that the daily limit of intake calories set to only 1000 calories at most.

The trainer is definite that the singer is not getting slim but getting beautiful. For the media industry, her body is getting much improved.

This type of restricted eating in her life has started not very recently. The singer is not showing off, but she has been doing this intermittent fasting for a long time. This is the reason the output on her body as well as on her mind is clearly apparent.

The specialized menu has everything but not eaten at all times. Only the 8 hour time period is the time you need to use which is going to restrict you for some part of the day in which you can eat and the other parts you need to be hungry or empty stomach.

According to the latest picture of her, you can see how beautiful the celebrity is looking now. The reason for that is very simple, her weight loss. The intermittent fasting and the specialized menu with lean meat green vegetables and beans in front. Sugar of any kind is not helpful and it is not going to help you out even if you take it as a slime.

Sirtfood based meals are part of the 14-day plan for her. In which you can get one smoothie. You need to divide the three meals accordingly in which you need to add meet vegetables and everything with the diet and fiber. But the high saturated foods are the enemy of yours if you are looking to shed the weight. According to the news, she is getting 1000 calories per day with only one meal, but the smoothies along with that are in 3 counts.

According to the experts, the 8-hour window is very important and you should manage it accordingly in your busy life. There is no specific menu according to experts if you want to shed weight like Adele. According to the trainer of the singer you should get lots of berries and vegetables and some part of your life should be doing the workout.

MTV VMA’s 2015 Best & Worst Dressed

This time the MTV VMA’s 2015 had a lot of fashion to show and to talk about, well the gorgeous girls from Clevver Style in Youtube put this awesome video together of the best and worst dressed for this annual music event.

The host Miley Cyrus surely had something to add into the Best and Worst list! But we want you to tell us your ideas on MTV VMA’s 2015. Leave your comment down below and don’t forget to follow us on Social Media!