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Cassie Steele’s new video called ‘Games and it’s out! Be ready to play !

We’ve been following her work lately, and we’re very glad she’s delivering! Cassie Steele which many of you can remember her from Degrassi: Firsts Generation, is now a grown woman with loads of talent and a voice sooooooo sweet we can’t help but to play her music over and over.

We love her work with The Boom Boom, of which we’re still expecting more ( In case you’re reading Cassie, please… more.. pwetty please). But now here’s her new single ‘Games, check out this fierce lady plays the player! RAWR


That dark aura, so sexy and tempting.. The girl that does thing her way and plays no games… sounds like success!! Well boys watch OUT!! We’re crossing our fingers so this girl goes BIG!!!! We cannot wait for more!!

If you liked this song we suggets you to listen to ‘Mad as well.. awesome song.. and here’s some of The Boom Boom music!

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