Carla Bruni to join Woody Allen cast for Midnight in Paris

Carla Bruni is one of the most iconic women in the world right now. During the nineties, she was part of the very selected circle of Top Models that ruled the runway and landed the most coveted magazine covers in the Fashion industry along with Claudia Shiffer or Naomi Campbell.

Bruni, who comes from a very wealthy Italian family, also pursued a career in music and released a couple of albums before becoming France’s First Lady, as she married Nicolas Sarkozy.

As if this resume was not enough for the beautiful and multitalented lady, Carla couldn’t refuse Woody Allen’s offer when he approached her to be part of his upcoming movie to be called Midnight in Paris.

At this moment there’s not a lot of information disclosed about the film, only that is to be set in the nineteen-twenties’ and that Bruni, who will play a Museum Director, will share the set with some other high-profile actors like Oscar-winner actors Adrian Brody and Marion Cotillard, and Owen Wilson.

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