Cameron Diaz Posts Makeupless Photo, Promotes ‘The Body Book’

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I just started following Cameron Diaz on Twitter. Yes, THE Cameron Diaz is on Twitter. She is also on Instagram and she is pretty active on both social media sites.

She’s genuinely nice and funny and she posts tons of cute photos. Some of them you can see below. I selected my favorites. For the rest, follow Cameron.

The buzz about Diaz these days is that she’s got her first book coming out on December 31st and that she posted the about makeup-free photo on her Instagram.

In the photo, a makeupless Cameron holds a copy of “The Body Book“, in which the actress shares her “formula for becoming happier, healthier, and stronger in this positive, essential guide that is grounded in science and inspired by personal experience.”

It took her about one year to do the book, which tells me she really put effort into it. Also, Cameron has an amazing body. She looks fit, healthy and strong so surely many women want to know her secret. Plus, she’s not one of those celebs going on about diets and staying as thin as possible.

As for the makeup-free photo, she looks beautiful. You can see the wrinkles and everything and she still looks great. Glad she’s not messing with her face. In case you are wondering, Diaz is 41.

Another thing I like about this photo is that she did not promote it as #nomakeup or #nofilter like every other celebrity does. She simply posted about how enthusiastic she is about her book.

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What do you think of Cameron Diaz going makeupless? Will you buy her book?

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